Dr.Ozone D-1K Industrial Ozone Machine, 1kg/h High Capacity Ozone Generator

  • Model: Dr.Ozone D-1K
  • Rated Ozone quantity: 1kg O3/h
  • Power supply: 3800V/50Hz/3ph
  • Rated capacity: 18.5 kW/h
  • Ozone adjustment: 10 – 100%
  • Ozone concentration: 100 -140 mg/L
  • Output pressure: 0.6 Mpa
  • Cooling flow: 2 – 4m3/h
  • Oxygen: 80m3/h


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What are the outstanding features of Dr.Ozone D-1K High Capacity Ozone Generator?

Dr.Ozone D-1K high capacity ozone generator possesses a new design combined with an advanced ozone generator that guaranteed its ozone production as well as service longevity.

Dr.Ozone D-1K Industrial Ozone Machine integrates canada ozone technology

The machine has a rated ozone capacity of up to 1kg/h, responding to the maximum needs of air and water treatment at a large scale and very large scale. In particular, the product is equipped with a pure oxygen supply system, commit to the pure and no-impurities output ozone source. The pure oxygen supply operating system includes:

  • Air compressor: The air compressor installed in Dr.Ozon D-1K ozone machine is a type of screw air compressor that ensures high pressure, stability, low noise and low operating costs.
  • Air filter: This is a device to remove oil, fine dust as well as impurities from the input air source, to ensure the purity of generated ozone. The standard air filter should ensure that the oil content of the air entering the ozone chamber is less than 0.01mg/m3.
  • Refrigeration dryers: The use of refrigeration dryers is to cool & condense compressed air, remove about 80% of water present in the compressed air, which improves the longevity and efficiency of the entire system.
  • Adsorption dryer: The main function of the adsorption dryer got in industrial ozone machine D-1K is to dehumidify, dry, and continuously regenerate the input air source, thereby removing all residual water.

10 reasons you should choose Dr.Ozone D-1K Industrial Ozone Machine

10 reasons you should choose Dr.Ozone D-1K Industrial Ozone Machine, 1kg/h High Capacity Ozone Generator

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The Practical Application of Dr.Ozone D-1K industrial Ozone machine

Dr.Ozone is the only brand in Vietnam that provides large-capacity industrial ozone generators serving the activities: Industrial waste air treatment, wastewater treatment, production water treatment, swimming pool water treatment … Dr.Ozone machines are effective in:

– Disinfect water and air

– Produce drinking water by disinfecting and removing taste, color, odor, iron and manganese

– Remove (destroy) organic substances including humic materials (haloform precursors), surfactants.

– Control and disinfect surfaces of product, especially food before and after processing

Industrial wastewater treatment: Decoloring in textile factories, reducing phenol, BOD and COD

– Disinfect municipal wastewater

– Reduce sludge production at wastewater treatment plants

– Disinfect swimming pool water

– Treat coastal farming water

– Clean-in-place (CIP) of industrial utensils and tools, especially tools of process food, beverage or pharmaceutical.

– Remove odors of industrial exhaust or kitchen smoke

– Clean and disinfect food at food processing plants

– Disinfect water in the process of bottled water, soft drinks and breweries production

– Disinfect beverage containers

– Apply in industrial laundry operations such as disinfect bed linen, clothes…

– Treat seed, improve the storage time

Dr.Ozone D-1K Industrial Ozone Machine, 1kg/h High Capacity Ozone Generator

Besides the standard version, Dr.Ozone also designs and manufactures machines to follow customers’ requests. In which, it is possible to integrate more advanced features and technologies for the D-1K machine and other industrial ozone machines.



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