Dr.Ozone D1 Industrial Ozone Generator, 1000 mg/h Small Capacity Ozone Machine


  • Model: Dr.Ozone D1
  • Ozone capacity: 1g O3/h
  • Maximum Ozone concentration: 5 g/m3 (Oxygen supply condition 3l/min, oxygen concentration > 80%)
  • Air flow: 15 l/min
  • Power Consumption (0 – max): 65W
  • Ozone output (Φ): phi 6
  • Maximum pressure: 0.1 pa
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Working environment temperature: <40oC
  • Working environment humidity: <80%
  • Machine size: 380x200x480 mm
  • Weight: 6.3kg


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Having a beautiful design, the same capacity of 1g/h and the full features as the D2 (2g O3/h), D3 (3g O3/h), D5 (5g O3/h) series, Dr.Ozone D1 Industrial Ozone Generator suit for use in families, schools, small-scale production facilities with low ozone content requirements.

Industrial Ozone Machine Dr.Ozone D-1K

What are the outstanding features and characteristics of Dr.Ozone D1 Industrial Ozone Generator?

Among the many lines of industrial ozone equipment with various large and small capacities in the current market, consumers will be not easy to find a device with a capacity of 1g O3/h. D1 Industrial ozone machine owns this feature. Dr.Ozone is the only brand that offers this product in the market.

outstanding features and characteristics of industrial Ozone machine D1

The device creates ozone of  Dr.Ozone D1 has an ozone chamber made of a high-quality silica quartz tube and heatsink propellers made of aluminum alloy & Teflon coated plastic. These materials ensure anti-oxidation and heat resistance ability, thereby increasing the longevity of the product.

The machine is also designed with an intelligent control board, which allows automatic disconnection when the control board is overheated. Therefore, they maximize the durability of all the machine components.

D1 industrial ozone generator – DR.OZONE® brand is integrated with intelligent voltage regulation technology, allowing users to increase or decrease the ozone concentration from 0g/h to 1g/h, with low latency.

The Application of D1 Small Capacity Ozone Machine in the Livestock Sector

Livestock is one of the fields that use ozone technology application brings many benefits to the farmers. Ozone helps to deal with odor and bacteria problems, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases, increasing livestock productivity. The specific applications of Dr.Ozone D1 in the livestock sector include:

The air deodorization and disinfection 

The appearance of bad smells in most farms is unavoidable. Leftover food, shit, urine and the environment are not cleaned regularly to create favorable conditions for bacteria growth and odor problems.

Ozone is the top method that helps to solve these problems. When ozone is created, it quickly bonds to the odor molecule and creates a new one that is friendly, safe and produces no harmful by-products. Especially, ozone affecting the outside shells of the bacteria, viruses that make them can’t carry out metabolism and are destroyed.

By using ozone in livestock, the pathogens will be reduced, so have less to use preventive medicine. From that, the farm owner can improve the breeding process, and even improve the quality of the meat by reducing the use of chemical products in their blood.

Water ozonation in livestock

Using water ozonation to purify water, domestic water, disease help to minimize transmission of disease in livestock.

When using ozonized water to clean the animal cote, ozone can neutralize all contaminants clinging to the wall, floor, furniture, etc. 

The Application of Dr.Ozone D1 in Livestock Sector

In a study was conducted on a dairy farm, the researchers found that dairy cows raised in ozonized environments and were fed regularly had better eating levels, and digestive systems. That makes their dairy quantity increase significantly. In contrast, those ones live in an environment that not be disinfected by ozone, they are very susceptible to disease, slowly leading to a lot of production damage.

As such, the benefits that come from the application of ozone in the livestock farm can help animals have better welfare, enhanced production, and improved business. Dr.Ozone is proud to be the leading brand in providing ozone generation equipment field in Vietnam. In addition to the D1 machine series, we have various products with different capacities to meet the maximum requirements of customers.


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