Dr.Ozone D3 Industrial Ozone Generator 3000mg/h Small & Medium Capacity Ozone Machine


  • Ozone capacity: 3g O3/h
  • Maximum Ozone concentration: 15 g/m3
  • (Condition supply oxygen 3l/min, oxygen concentration > 80%)
  • Ozone air flow: 15l/min
  • Ozone technology : Canada
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Wattage: 0 – 85W
  • Machine ambient humidity: <90%
  • Machine dimention: 380 x 200 x 480 mm
  • Machine weight: 7kg


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Dr.Ozone D3 Industrial Ozone Generator product features:

1, Integrated with a new innovation technology platform  – Ozone launch chamber is manufactured by anti-oxidation materials, good temperature resistance, rapid heat dissipation such as Silica quartz launch tube, heatsink aluminum alloy fan & coated Teflon plastic dedicated to Ozone.

2, Product components & structure according to Canadian standards:

  • The upgraded H2O-Green technology allows the machine to operate continuously without ozone loss under the right conditions.
  • Improve the circuit board has anti-interference ability, reduces ozone loss
  • Integrate potentiometer allows to customize Ozone output from 0g/h to Max.

The application of Dr.Ozone D3 small & medium capacity Ozone machine

Disinfecting & treating domestic water, purified bottled water or industrial wastewater effectively: The concentration of ozone at the threshold of 800mv – 1000mv (ORP measuring device) mixed into the water that allows the destruction of almost all harmful microorganisms in water.

For aquaculture fields, the use of ozone to treat & disinfect water, disinfect aquarium water at the allowable ORP threshold of about 300 – 400mV brings the good sterilization effect & safety for living organisms.

Structure details of Dr.Ozone D3 Industrial Ozone Generator

Structure details of Dr.Ozone D3 industrial ozone machine


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