Dr.Ozone D50S Industrial Ozone Machine 50,000mg/h High Capacity Ozone Generator


  • Model: Dr.Ozone D50S
  • Ozone capacity: 50 g/h
  • Maximum Ozone concentration: 85 g/m3
  • High voltage: 6 KV
  • The designed chamber lifespan: > 10 years
  • Machine operating mode: Continuous, cyclic
  • Oxygen air flow: 10 L/min
  • Voltage 220V50Hz: 1300W
  • Electric current: 6A
  • Ozone output: Ф10
  • Maximum chamber pressure: <2 Bar
  • Cooling way: Water cooling for the inner electrode and fan for the outer electrode.
  • Coolant water temperature: <25oC
  • Diameter of cooling conductor: 12mm
  • Outlet cooling water pressure: <3 bar
  • Ideal machine ambient temperature: <30oC
  • Ideal machine ambient humidity: <70%
  • Machine dimension: 650 x 1100 x 500 (with wheels)
  • Shell material: 304 inox
  • Ozone air conductor: Teflon, Ф9


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The Dr.Ozone D50S industrial ozone machine has a high ozone capacity of up to 50g/h. The machine can create ozone to apply in many industries. Many of these involve water treatment, including aquariums, swimming pools, aquaculture, waterparks, textile and others

Quazt tube Ozone generator unit of Dr.Ozone machine

Dr.Ozone D50S Industrial Ozone Machine product features:

  • Large amounts of pure Ozone gas are generated quickly and stably by the innovative Dr.Ozone ozone chamber based on Plasma technology.
  • Halo discharge caused by veer high voltage applied between two parallel electrodes through the dielectric material is called the vibrating gas discharge region with a frequency of 35-38KHz, combined with a stream of pure oxygen with a concentration of >92%, which is directly filtered from the environment. From that, oxygen atoms are continuously oxidized (O) rapidly combining with Oxygen molecules (O2), recombining to form Ozone gas (O3).
  • Using inverter board system, pulse transformers of 100% solid-state components – Solid State, meeting international quality standards, CPU control circuit combined with dedicated IC, optimizing performance, signal processing capacity, industrial anti-interference, & self-contained Oxygen separation system(>92%) integrating Zeolite, Silicagen, High Aluminum Ceramics technology… that allows Dr.Ozone D50s to achieve stable ozone capacity over a period of time runs continuously.
  • Integrated with three stages cooling technology including the system of three physical cooling fans, heat sink aluminum for ozone chamber & H20-Green cooling technology to help cool down the launch chamber, make the O atom separation process take place strongly. At the same time, stimulate the Ozone regeneration process to take place at the highest efficiency even when the machine operates continuously for a long time.

Application of D50S ozone generator in swimming pool water treatment industry

Application of D50S ozone generator in swimming pool water treatment industry

  • Ozone replaced chlorine in the disinfection phase of swimming pool water in European countries by its strong oxidizing ability, killing bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, algae and decomposing natural organic matter (NOM). ).
  • Ozone disinfects 2000 times more effectively than chlorine.
  • Ozone does not produce ammonia derivatives such as NCI3, CNCI, 3-MCPD that cause allergies. On the contrary, it also helps to remove chloramines.
  • Ozone reduces trihalomethanes (THMs) in supplied water.
  • Easily adjust the concentration of residual ozone in the water about 0.03ppm – 0.05ppm that no skin irritation, dry eyes.
  • Reduce the use of traditional chemicals such as chlorine by 60-90%.
  • Pure ozone gas is produced on-site, no need to store warehouse or preserve, saving commercial swimming pool operating costs.


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