Dr.Ozone Titan 10 Wall Mounted Air Purifier Deodorizer


  • Model: Dr.Ozone Titan 10
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 160W
  • Ozone capacity: 10g/h
  • Usable area: 80-120m2
  • Electric cord length: 1.5m
  • Machine dimension: 60 x 24 x 19 cm
  • Shell material: inox
  • Produce: HSVN Global (Vietnam)
  • Warranty: 12 months


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Dr.Ozone Titan 10 Wall Mounted Air Purifier Deodorizer has a simple design to optimize using charge. With its 10 g/h ozone capacity, Dr.Ozone Titan 10 can solute many types of difficult-to-treat odors or specifically for spaces with many people such as warehouse, restaurant kitchen, hospital lobby, processing plants …

Dr.Ozone Titan 10 Wall Mounted Air Purifier Deodorizer

Dr.Ozone Titan 10 Wall Mounted Air Purifier Deodorizer possess new generation ozone creating technology by Ceramic electrode:

  • Honeycomb machine surface for better heat dissipation
  • Generate Ozone with a high concentration of 10 – 20 m3/l
  • Texture made from 3M alloy plate and Ceramic material
  • Has 5- 8 years longevity

Structure of Dr.Ozone Titan 10

Ozone technology- Top air deodorization and antibacterial solution

Ozone is a strong redox gas. In nature, they are formed when lightning occurs. The principle of ozone formation is caused by sparks affecting oxygen molecules (O2) available in the air, breaking bonds to form oxygen atoms (O). O atoms cannot exist independently, they bond with O2 and form ozone gas (O3).

The strong redox properties of ozone make them an effective deodorizing and bactericidal method for humans. Although if human exposure directly to ozone can cause respiratory irritation, they are still produced “artificially” for the requirements of cleaning water and air. The way to create ozone is based on the principle of nature, using electric sparks.

Dr.Ozone Titan 10 wall mounted ozone deodorizer is one of the above deodorizers by ozone. With a capacity of 10 g O3/h, the machine offers powerful deodorizing performance, suitable for rooms areas of less than 100m2. According to statistical data, ozone can handle more than 300 different chemicals, inactivating many harmful bacterias and viruses, including coronavirus.

Dr.Ozone Titan 10 Wall Mounted Air Purifier Deodorizer tructured from 3M alloy sheet and Ceramic materials

Things to note when using the Dr.Ozone Titan 10 machine

To use the Dr.Ozone Titan 10 ozone machine safely and effectively, customers need to pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a suitable installation space location. In a room with many people frequently walking, the machine should be placed in a high position with a ventilation fan.
  • Do not leave the machine in a place with high humidity, it can damage the circuit board, reducing the device’s longevity.
  • Regularly clean the machine’s outer shell
  • Do not arbitrarily disassemble the internal details
  • Minimizing human close contact, directly with the generated ozone gas
  • The Ozone Titan 10 machine only has the feature of deodorizing. Smoke, dust and other particulate matter need to be removed with the filter membrane

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