Anion Air Cleaner Pro Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Deodorizer


  • Power supply: 220V / 50Hz
  • Power: ~16W
  • Ion yield: ~2.10^5 negative ions/cm3
  • Plasma Power: ~8W
  • Function: Deodorize according to room volume, timer
  • Dimensions: 280x186x72 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


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Anion Air Cleaner Pro Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Deodorizer is an outstanding product line with ozone deodorizing and bactericidal features. In addition, the machine also enhances negative ions for the living space, bringing greater efficiency in cleaning the air. Anion Air Cleaner Pro also brings refreshment, comfort, stress reduction, and increased resistance to the human body.

Anion Air Cleaner Pro Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Deodorizer

Anion Air Cleaner Pro Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Deodorizer product features:

Produce ozone, negative ions, OH- radicals by plasma technology

The effects of ozone removing odor-causing molecules, bacteria, viruses, molds, etc in water and air have long been applied and developed by scientists. In fact, they are strong oxidizing agents, easily removing more than 300 different chemicals, bacteria, and viruses…

Now no scientific studies have found any bacteria that are resistant to ozone. Even the coronavirus is on the list of being inactivated by ozone in low concentrations. With Anion Air Cleaner product, high concentration ozone is created by plasma technology, providing good efficiency.

Anion Air Cleaner Pro with technology 3 in 1, effectively deodorize

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas. The Plasma environment exists ions and electrons and atoms such as: Oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), free radicals (OH) and ozone molecules (O3). The working principle of the Anion Air Cleaner machine is to create electric rays in normal pressure air, causing the gas atoms to be ionized. When free electrons are accelerated with high energies, they collide with oxygen atoms and nitrogen atoms in the air to form negative ions and positive ions. As a result, electrons, ions, and free oxygen and nitrogen atoms are produced along with OH radicals and ozone.

Anion Air Cleaner Pro machine also enhances negative ions that improve human health

Negative ions improve human health

Along with ozone, plasma technology also produces negative ions. When added to the room, they will help reduce stress, tension, fatigue and enhance human resistance. In addition, negative ions also bind to dust particles and molds in the air that carry a positive charge, neutralize them and settle down, thereby increasing the purity of the environment.

Deodorizing smart mode according to the room volume

You only need to set the appropriate parameters related to the room volume, the Anion Air Cleaner Pro will automatically calculate to give the concentration – deodorization time for meeting the maximum efficiency and safety of people.

Anion Air Cleaner Pro has smart deodorize mode

Flexible timer feature

Anion Air Cleaner has 2 modes of deodorizing operation by room volume or flexible timer for you to choose.

User manual of Anion Air Cleaner Pro Deodorizer

User manual

Step 1: Connect the machine to the 220V power source, turn on the switch. When power is flowing through, the red POWER indicator light is on

Step 2 – Select mode:

– Select operating mode according to room volume: After turning on the power switch, the machine defaults to operating in volumetric mode. The VOLUME green light is on allows the user to recognize this mode. By pressing the UP or DOWN button, you can change the room volume according to the appropriate metric. Each time pressing the button, the volume increases/decreases 5m3

– Select the timer mode: If you need to switch mode, please press the “Program” button. The two modes of timer and room volume will alternate each other after each press the button.

In timer mode, the machine will run according to the set time period. A yellow “TIME” light is on allows the user to identify this mode. The time increase/ decrease is also done by the UP/DOWN button, each press the button will add or subtract 5 minutes. When the machine runs out of the set time, the TIME light will flash, when the machine is running, the light is on.


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