Dr.Air TH4000 Basement Air Purifier Ventilation


  • Model: Dr.Air TH4000
  • Treatment flow: 4400 m3/h
  • Pressure: 190 Pa
  • Fan speed: 1460 v/p
  • UV lamp: 40W
  • Number of UV lamps: 6
  • Power: 0.55 kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Material: SS400 Steel


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Dr.Air TH4000 Basement Air Purifier Ventilation is a product dedicated to basements, parking lots, tunnels, etc.  The machine is especially effective for enclosed spaces, is not ventilated, have many vehicles with large dust concentration and emissions.

Dr.Air TH4000 Basement Air Purifier Ventilation

Dr.Air TH4000 Basement Air Purifier Ventilation product features:

  • Has simple design, space optimization when hanging on the ceiling
  • Low noise, high capacity & effective sterilization with UVC
  • Equipped with 6 UVC lamps with a capacity of 40W/lamp that has capable of creating O3 with deodorizer and sterilizer double effect of 90%. The lamps are installed in the sterilization chamber. When the machine is working, the UV light is evenly distributed in the space.
  • Using high-class engines that are fireproof and can work in environments from 250 to 300oC.
  • Alloy propellers are resistant to Ozone that ensure no rust even when exposed to strong oxidizing agents.
  • The machine inside is lined by quite thick sound-absorbing cotton layers that reduce noise maximally to outside

With the above advantages of Dr.Air TH4000, even when placed in harsh environments, it still performs its functions well. It should be noted that the temperature level of 250-300 degrees Celsius should only be maintained for about 2 hours to ensure the machine’s longevity.

Why should you choose TH4000 to clean air and ventilate for the basement

Why should you choose TH4000 to clean air and ventilate for the basement?

The basement is a space that contains a lot of unpleasant odors. They also have problems with humidity, the growth of mold. In particular, with basements in commercial centers, car garages, where has the presence of many people and vehicles – the cause of high concentrations of waste. In an unventilated space, these chemicals build up and create a toxic environment.

Ventilation of the basement has the effect of emitting polluted & moldy air; and sucking in fresh air from the outside. There are two basic methods for basement ventilation including natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

  • Natural ventilation takes advantage of natural airflows, but this type of ventilation only works for basements where windows are strategically placed and openable. While the natural method saves energy, it requires to take more work. Windows must be opened periodically also closed during rain or at night. However, for moisture damp basements, in addition to natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation devices are still needed.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems use fans and vents to draw in existing air in the basement and bring fresh air in from outside. This type of system can be placed in many different locations, without too strict technical requirements.

Dr.Air TH4000 Basement Air Purifier Ventilation product features

The Dr.Air TH4000 basement air purifier is a product of the mechanical ventilation series, which is rated as the most superior ventilation fan, ensuring effective ventilation at a good price, saving operating costs. The product is also designed with a small-compact size, easy to install. Another advantage that only Dr.Air TH4000 has is the integration of UV sterilization technology. The UVC rays attack bacteria and germs in space, helping to make the atmosphere cleaner.


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