Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer


  • Model: Dr.Ozone Clean C2
  • Ozone capacity: 2g O3/h
  • Air flow: 400 l/min
  • Dimension: 39 x 16 x 18 cm
  • Power source: AC 220V – 50Hz
  • Number of ozone generators: 2
  • Ambient humidity: <90%
  • Ambient temperature around the machine: <40oC
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Electric Power: 35W
  • Applicable area: 20 ~ 30m2
  • Warranty: 18 months for ozone generator


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Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer uses Ozone gas to eliminate odors directly, thoroughly and completely so that the smell no longer exists. The machine has three flexible deodorizer modes: Continuous run, recirculating run and shut down timer.

Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer

The 4 main effects of the DrOzone Clean C2 deodorizer

  • Removes all odors and unpleasant odors in just 15 minutes with effective up to 95%: especially stubborn odors such as odors of cigarette smoke, pet, toilet, food grease; sewage smell, house paint smell, air conditioner …
  • Deodorize & disinfect, remove mold and prevents viruses that cause respiratory diseases
  • Decomposes volatile toxic substances such as acetone, alcohol, benzene, methane, lead, mercury…
  • Adds more oxygen to the air to make the air fresh and pleasant

Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer with three flexible deodorizer modes

The spaces should use the Dr.Ozone Clean Model C2:

  • Hotels, motels, resorts
  • Coffee shop, bar
  • Karaoke room
  • Family and corporate toilets
  • Hospital (clinic, operating room, laboratory, patient room)
  • Spas, beauty salons
  • Garbage house of the apartment
  • Veterinary Institute
  • Library, office, meeting room
  • House (living room, bedroom, kitchen)
  • Production and processing zones of factories
  • Incubator warehouse or livestock barn
  • Breeding center, sterilization area or laboratory


Structure and working principle of the Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer

Working principle: When the deodorizer works, the wind suck fan will suck the outside air into the machine and separate the oxygen component in the air and put it into the ozone generating chamber. Here, the oxygen components (O2) in the air are formed into ozone atoms (O3), then the O3 atoms are taken out into the air to eliminate odors.

Three flexible deodorizer modes:

Mode 1 – Continuous run: Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet then turn on the ON/OFF power switch. You do not need to take more anything control, the machine will work continuously until you turn off the ON/OFF button.

Mode 2 – Shut down timer: Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the power switch ON/OFF. Then you press the “+” (blue) button to set the operating time for the machine. At this time, the time screen will display the number from 01 to 24.

If you want to set the machine to work for 2 minutes, press twice the “+” button to the display that shows the number 02 and do the same with the other desired timeline options. To reduce the set time, press the “-“ (red) button. Each pressed time the “+” or “-” button, the display time will change respectively by 1 minute or less by 1 minute. The machine will automatically turn off after operating for the scheduled set time

Mode 3 – Recirculating run: Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn the ON/OFF power switch. Then press the “+” button to set the operation time, then press and hold the “+” button and the “-” button simultaneously for 3 seconds, then release; the display shows display the flashing time shows activated circulation mode.

The downtime of the machine at not working status is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the machine will continue to run according to the scheduled number of hours. This process goes on cyclically and continuously until you turn off the ON/OFF power button. This function is very convenient for customers’ need using the machine frequently such as game shops, bars, cafes, toilets …


* Odor treatment time will depend on the area of the deodorized space and the capacity of the ozone deodorizer. Please contact us via ChatBox or inbox Messenger for the best advice.

* Do not unplug the power cord that connects the machine directly to the power source before you turn off the ON/OFF power button


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