Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier


  • Model: Dr.Air Luxair
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 1.7W
  • Size: 183 x 152 x 48mm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Ion capacity: 40,000,000 pcs/cm3
  • Noise level: <45 dbA
  • Filter: HEAP H13+ negative ions
  • Color: Black, red
  • Usable area: 3- 20m2
  • Application: Car, room, office…


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Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier is the first and only air purifier in Vietnam that is integrated with features such as solar battery charging, automatic resting/running follow the moving status of the car, the H13 filter filters dust effectively, automatically produces negative ions and essential oil scents, and automatically updates the surrounding air quality.

Dr.Air Luxair is the top air purifier product for family cars or spaces’ area from 3 to 20m2 such as bedroom, living room, office…

Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier is integrated many advanced features

Why should you choose Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier?

Modern design, super-sensitive touch buttons

Easily install its features without spending too much time or effort because the machine is equipped with a sensitive control panel, just a light touch can complete actions.

Use flexibly with two working modes: Continuous and automatic

Compared to other air purifier lines on the market for cars or small room areas, Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier is equipped to add with the automatic running feature. In this mode, the machine automatically stops when standing still for 3 minutes and resumes operation when there is vibration/shaking or external impact. Therefore, if used it in a car, its power-saving is guaranteed to the maximum. Its continuous mode is more suitable if used in the room.

Environmentally friendly by its solar charging feature

In addition to charging the battery by 220V current, when in an environment condition have a lot of sunlight, Dr.Air Luxairs battery is also charged automatically.

This feature not only shows the product’s smartness but also is environmentally friendly.

Smart sensor chip

The side of the Dr.Air Luxair machine is equipped with an induction chip. With this chip, the machine can continuously give indicators of air quality around the machine. PM2.5 dust quality is displayed on the led screen, at the same time also shown by the color tones of the lights:

  • Green color: Good air quality
  • Blue color: Average air quality
  • Red color: Bad air quality

The user manual of the Dr.Air Luxair Fragrance Air Purifier

The Dr.Air Luxair is easy to use with the following steps:

Step 1: Plug in the charger to electric charge the device. When electric power is flowing through, the “Charge” indicator will light up. When the battery is full, the indicator light shows green color. Because the machine has a solar charging feature, when there is solar light on the machine is also charged.

Step 2: Press the power button for 2 seconds to start the machine. When not in use, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn it off.

Step 3: Use the power button to change the blowing speed of the fan. Lightly touch the power button, the blowing speed will change. Strong and weak fan speeds are displayed in the “High Gears – Strong” and “Low Gear – Weak” indicator lights.

To change the mode: Press the “Mode Switching” button to turn on or turn off the “Auto” mode.

  1. Auto mode: This mode allows the machine to work according to a vibration sensor chip. When there is a vibration or a slight knock, or when a car is running, the machine vibrates/shakes, the device will automatically turn on. Conversely, when standing still for 3 minutes, the machine will automatically turn off. When this mode is activated, the “Smart Startup” indicator lights up.
  2. Continuous Mode: The machine will operate continuously until the user turns off it or it runs out of battery

Some notes when operating the air purifier machine

  • Always keep the Dr.Air Luxair Air Purifier in a dry place, do not let water poured into the machine during use.
  • Cleaning the HEPA filter regularly about once every 14-30 days. Use an air blower fan or brush lightly on the surface. Sunbathe it if necessary. Do not use water to clean the filter.
  • Use dry essential oils or you can use wet essential oils impregnated with specialized cotton.
  • Do not drop the machine or avoid a strong impact.


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