Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks


  • Model: Dr.Air CH4000,Dr.Air CH6000, Dr.Air CH7000, Dr.Air CH8000, Dr.Air CH10000, Dr.Air CH12000
  • Dr.Air Electrostatic Filter: 01
  • Grease trap filter: 01
  • Dr.Air ultrasonic oil separator fan: ≥1
  • Centrifugal fan: Synchronous according to capacity.
  • Processing flow: 4000 – 12000m3/h
  • Voltage: 220V – 380V
  • Power: 1.5KW – 4.8KW
  • Weight: 90kg – 250kg
  • Material: Anti-rust stainless steel.
  • Control screen: Electronic control panel, LED lights.
  • Can be designed follow request


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Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks product features:

The electrostatic kitchen smoke capture suck can be called “self-destructive kitchen smoke capture”, with smoke removal, industrial kitchen oil filter, collective kitchen, hotel kitchen. Structure of Dr.Air kitchen smoke capture suck consists of 4 main parts:

  • Grease trap & flame hinder
  • Clean ultrasonic oil separator fan
  • Air electrostatic oil smoke filter equipment
  • Industrial centrifugal exhaust fan

Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks

Effects & functions of each part

  • Grease trap filter & ultrasonic oil separator fan: Removes & filters 80% of grease in the kitchen exhaust gas.
  • Air electrostatic oil smoke filter device: Filters 20% of the remaining oil grease in kitchen smoke & completely eliminates industrial kitchen smoke.
  • Centrifugal fan: Built-in in the device, helping to optimize the system and reduce costs.


Model Dimension Processing power Voltage Power Weight
Dr.Air CH4000 1000x1200x1100mm 4000m3/h 220V 1.5kw 90kg
Dr.Air CH6000 1500x1200x1100mm 6000m3/h 220V 2kw 135kg
Dr.Air CH7000 1800x1200x1100mm 7000m3/h 380V 2.8kw 160kg
Dr.Air CH8000 2000x1200x1100mm 8000m3/h 380V 2.8kw 186kg
Dr.Air CH10000 2500x1200x1100mm 10000m3/h 380V 3.5kw 210kg
Dr.Air CH12000 3000x1200x1100mm 12000m3/h 380V 4.8kw 250kg

The installation model of the Dr.Air electrostatic technology self-destructing kitchen smoke capture sucks

Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks

Advantages of the system using the Dr.Air electrostatic kitchen smoke capture suck:

  • Suitable for all models of industrial kitchen processing
  • Has a compact design, multi-function integration, is easy to combine into a unified block, synchronous operation.
  • Solve the problems of installation space for industrial kitchen smoke treatment systems.
  • Comprehensive “ALL IN ONE” solution.
  • Easy to install and operate the system.
  • The double layers oil filter system includes an oil trap filter, ultrasonic oil separator fan, absolute oil separation efficiency.
  • Easily integrate Ozone technology into the system.


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