Dr.Air KT8000 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator


  • Model: Dr.Air KT8000
  • Wind flow: 8000m3/h
  • Machine size (LxWxH): 1265 x 685 x 710 mm
  • Case: Carbon Steel (Q235A – 2mm).
  • Filter dimensions (LxWxH): 510 x 360 x 480 mm
  • Filter membrane dimensions: 25x515x480mm
  • Number of filters: 2
  • Filter membrane plate thickness: 1mm – Aluminum alloy.
  • Number of Tungsten Threads: 32 (16 x 2)
  • Power: 145W
  • High voltage: 12000V
  • Low voltage: 7000V
  • Cleaning rate: 98% or more
  • Pressure resistance level: 100PA


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The Dr.Air KT8000 electrostatic precipitator has a horizontal or vertical design with 2 horizontal machines (stacking) depending on the project and installation space. The KT8000 is suitable for industrial exhaust gas treatment, industrial kitchen smoke and dust treatment applications that use an exhaust fan capacity of about 6000 – 8500m3/h.

Dr.Air KT8000 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

The Dr.Air KT8000 easily integrates into the system without changing the existing structure, easily combines with other technologies such as using oil filter fans, stamping towers or Dr. Air AA grease filter cartridges can dust prevention, cooling & water resistance.

In the above model, the industrial kitchen exhaust gas treatment system includes the following parts and equipment:

  • Exhaust fan with 8000m3/h capacity
  • Dr.Air AA6 exhaust air filter box, designed with 6 filters made of Dura aluminum, special S-shaped structure (1.78 m/s wind speed, 15PA pressure resistance; 2.54m wind speed /s, 25Pa pressure resistance). The main effect of the filter membrane is to retain 70-85% grease (with oil outlet on the bottom edge), steam, prevent fire and cool down. The advantage of the filter box is that it works independently, does not use electrical energy, reuses, and has a lifespan of more than 5 years.
  • Dr.Air 8000 electrostatic filter system allows to handle exhaust gas flow of 7000 – 8000m3/h, main function is dust filter, oil filter, smoke removal & remove partial odor.


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