Dr.Air KT24000 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator


  • Model: Dr.Air KT24000
  • Air flow: 24000m3/h
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH):  1775 x 1370 x 710 mm
  • Case: Carbon Steel (Q235A – 2mm).
  • Filter size (LxWxH): 510 x 360 x 480 mm
  • Number of filters: 6
  • Filter membrane plate thickness: 1mm – Aluminum alloy.
  • Number of Tungsten threads: 96
  • Power: 340W
  • Pressure resistance level: 200 PA
  • Cleaning rate: 98% or more


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Dr.Air KT24000 industrial electrostatic precipitator is designed to handle smoke and remove particulates rigorously and regularly.

The main function of the Dr.Air KT2400 electrostatic air purifier is to filter smoke, grease and odors generated during the cooking process. The machine becomes a powerful tool for smoke and odor control, meets the stringent requirements of air quality and technical regulations of removing grease oil particles from the exhaust gas stream.

The advantage of the KT2400 in particular and the Dr.Air electrostatic precipitators line, in general, is that it allows the maximum removal of contaminants before discharging kitchen smoke into the natural environment, helping with decreasing fire fighting and cleaning costs. At the same time, it also helps install the system beautifully and scientifically.

KT24000 Industrial Electrostatic Filter - commercial kitchen exhaust treatment

Dr.Air KT24000 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Product Features:

  • Removes up to 98% of smoke, oil and grease
  • Filters out particles down to smaller level the micrometer
  • Generates ozone to remove harmful odors and chemicals
  • Working air flow up to 2400m3/h
  • Built-in 6 filters with a thickness of 1mm per filter
  • Specially designed for commercial kitchen application
  • The filter plate is made of aluminum alloy material

The Dr.Air KT 24000 Electrostatic Precipitator for Kitchen Exhaust System

The main components of the KT2400 electrostatic air purifier include the power supply unit, pre-filter, electrostatic filter membrane. The power supply unit is one of the main functions of electrostatic equipment, it works with low and high voltage to treat smoke.

When being sucked into the filter system by the sucking fan, larger grease particles are retained on the coarse filter membrane, only smaller particles pass through and go to the internal electrostatic filter plates. Here, dust particles pass through an electrostatic environment and quickly become charged, thereby becoming unbalanced electric charges. According to the principle of the electric field, they are quickly attracted to the opposite electrode and held firmly on the electrode surface.

Over time, when dirt accumulates on the filter wall, the filter requires cleaning to ensure effective use. Filter cleaning can be done with a high-pressure water hose or an ultrasonic washing tank. Regardless of the method used, they need to be soaked with water/ cleaning solution to increase cleaning efficiency.


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