Dr.Air KT4000 electrostatic precipitator


  • Model: Dr.Air KT4000
  • Wind flow: 4000m3/h
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 750 x 685 x 710 mm
  • Case: Carbon Steel (Q235A – 2mm).
  • Filter dimensions (LxWxH): 510 x 360 x 480 mm
  • Filter membrane dimensions: 25x515x480mm
  • Number of filters: 1
  • Filter membrane plate thickness: 1mm – Aluminum alloy.
  • The number of Tungsten threads: 16
  • Power: 72W
  • High voltage: 12000V
  • Low voltage: 7000V
  • Cleaning rate: 98% or more
  • Pressure resistance level: 100PA


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Dr.Air KT4000 electrostatic precipitator has a treatment flow of about 3500m3/h to 4000m3/h, suitable for treating exhaust gases of industrial kitchens, printing workshops, CNC workshops, etc on small and medium scales.

Dr.Air KT 4000 electrostatic precipitator

Dr.Air KT4000 electrostatic filter product features:

  • Integrates advanced electrostatic filtration technology capable of handling and collecting dust particles with a size of 0.01 micron; collecting grease, smoke in exhaust gas treatment of kitchen & treatment applications of other emissions.
  • Has capable of 24h operation with minimal power consumption, easy installation, does not affect the existing exhaust gas treatment system
  • Integrated external heat exchanger technology continuously regulates temperatures of electrostatic precipitator machine components, ensuring optimum performance
  • Integrated automatic shut-off feature when the system control cabinet door is open to enhance user safety when using, inspecting, maintaining or cleaning the filter.

Operation principle of Dr.Air industrial electrostatic precipitator

Operation principle of Dr.Air industrial electrostatic precipitator

Operation principle of Dr.Air industrial electrostatic precipitator

The ionization principle simulation of Dr.Air electrostatic filter machine:

-> Uses anode ionization technology to create a halo and release positive ions through voltages above 6000 volts. Positive ions collide with gas molecules to produce more positive ions and cascade effects.

-> Leaving the corona region, the positive ions will be absorbed by the surrounding gas molecules so that the gas molecules have a positive charge and move to the cathode plates under the influence of a strong electric field.

-> Tiny particles will prevent gas molecules with positive charges from flying indefinitely and stick them together. The tiny particles continue to absorb positively charged molecules until they saturate. Thus small particles have a sufficient amount of positive charge.

-> Under the action of the electric field in the dust accumulation area, the tiny particles with positive charge move to the cathode plate and are adsorbed. After absorbing a thick layer of dust, it is necessary to clean the cathode plate to restore its function.


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