The Dr.Air KT12000 Industrial Electrostatic Filter


  • Model: Dr.Air KT12000
  • Wind flow: 12000m3/h
  • Machine dimension (LxWxH) :1775 x 685 x 710 mm
  • Case: Carbon Steel (Q235A – 2mm).
  • Filter size (LxWxH) : 510 x 360 x 480 mm
  • Filter membrane size: 25x515x480mm
  • Number of filters: 3
  • Filter membrane plate thickness: 1mm – Aluminum alloy.
  • Number of Tungsten Threads: 48 (16 x 3)
  • Power: 170W
  • High voltage: 12000V
  • Low voltage: 7000V
  • Cleaning rate: 98% or more
  • Pressure resistance level: 150PA


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The Dr.Air KT12000 electrostatic filter machine is designed with 3 electrostatic filters, arranged horizontally, using the same control system, with a total processing capacity of 10500 – 12000m3/h. The machine is suitable for exhaust gas treatment of large-scale restaurants, BBQ hot pot restaurants with exhaust gas treatment systems have air flow of less than 12,000m3/h.

Simulation of the comprehensive industrial kitchen smoke treatment system:

  • Stage 1: Separate oil & remove steam and moisture in the air by the ultrasonic fan system that almost completely removes steam, collect oil grease thoroughly, allowing only exhaust gases and odors to pass through.
  • Stage 2: Remove smoke & dust by electrostatic filter technology through Dr.Air electrostatic filter device.
  • Stage 3: Deodorizing with Canadian Ozone technology, using a dedicated Dr.Ozone machine to treat exhaust gas with 100% effective treatment immediately.

Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks

Simulation of the comprehensive industrial kitchen smoke treatment system

The perfect solution for industrial kitchen exhaust gas treatment, efficiency is over 98% – 100% that ensure the gas to the environment is odorless, smoke-free, grease-free in the pipeline, and not likely to cause fire or explosion. Contact 0901.856.888 for advice.


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