Treatment of hotel wastewater odor by UV technology

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Composition and Characters of Hotel Domestic Wastewater

Hotel wastewater will be divided into two main sources includes: One is wastewater from the kitchen, daily activities of guests and employees in the hotel. This concentrated wastewater, after passing through the screen, will reach the collection pit; The second source is wastewater from the swimming pool (if the hotel has a swimming pool). The pool water will follow the water collection line at the bottom of the tank, through the barricade to reach the pool wastewater collection pit. Here, the pool wastewater will pass through the filter column to filter out the sediments and suspended solids. Most of the pool water after filtration will be recirculated back to the pool, and its small amount will flow to the collection pit for wastewater treatment.

Treatment of hotel wastewater odors by UV technology

The composition of hotel wastewater includes organic and inorganic substances and microorganisms…

  • Physical composition: Consists of insoluble substances in hover, which can be in the form of suspension, fibers, paper, fabrics, etc., colloidal impurities and dissolved impurities in the form of molecules or ions. Hotel wastewater often has a bad smell when transported in the sewer, after 2-6 hours, H2S gas will appear.
  • The chemical composition includes plant organic matter such as plant residues, vegetables, fruits, paper… Animal organic matter such as human excretory waste, urea… Inorganic substances in wastewater account for 40-42 % mainly consists of sand, clay, acids, inorganic bases… The discharged hotel wastewater is usually alkaline but gradually becomes acidic due to decay over time.
  • Microbial composition: The hotel wastewater has existed of many microorganism forms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, helminth eggs, … that can cause harmful diseases to humans such as typhoid, dysentery … In terms of chemical composition, microorganisms belong to the group of organic substances.

The composition and character of hotel wastewater depend on the living habits of the people, living standards, completion level of equipment, and wastewater collection status. The hotel wastewater volume is calculated based on the number of guests in the hotel and the wastewater discharge standard. And when calculating the pollutants concentration of wastewater, it is based on the amount of dirt per person per day and night.

The hotel wastewater deodorizer by UV technology

Wastewater Treatment with UV Technology

Dr.Air UV industrial kitchen odor treatment UV machine integrates three technology platforms including UV, TiO2 Photocatalyst technology and Ozone deodorizing technology. UV combined with two TiO2 filter membranes installed at both ends creates a technological highlight that brings higher processing efficiency to UV machines from Dr.Air.

Photocatalytic membranes also known as TiO2, use light to trigger chemical reactions. The TiO2 photocatalyst is widely used in a variety of applications and products in the energy and environmental sectors, including self-cleaning surfaces, air and water purification systems, sterilization, hydrogen evolution, and photochemical conversion.

Under the impact of ultraviolet light or UVC light (via UV mode) to generate OH radicals, TiO2 becomes the strongest reducing agent, 1.5 times more than ozone and 2 times more than chlorine, decomposing sustainable toxic substances such as dioxins, pesticides, benzene, etc. can eliminate large amounts of pollutants (VOCs, bacteria, mildew, NOx gas) with higher efficiency than other methods.

Antibacterial TiO2 by self-degrading mechanism, acting on microorganisms as decomposing an organic compound, is an effective tool in combating genetic modification of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, the TiO2 photocatalyst is non-toxic, it is the product of the decomposition of CO2 and water.

Panko Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant order and Dr.Air for Treatment of hotel wastewater odors by UV technology

Panko Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant Choose Dr.Air As A Supplier for Treatment of Hotel Wastewater Odor by UV Technology

As a unit specializing in the construction of sewage treatment projects, Mr. Huynh Tan Ha is currently working at the Panko Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant. In December 2021, on behalf of the unit, he contacted us for advice, answer questions about odor treatment technology products, and buy products at the most favorable prices.

The Dr.Air UV 5000 industrial kitchen odor treatment UV machine is manufactured and distributed by the Dr.Air brand. Because of that, customers can buy high-quality machines at the original price without going through a third commercial party. All issues in warranty and maintenance are done quickly thanks to a team of skilled technicians.

The Dr.Air UV industrial odor treatment machine comes into operation and brings high efficiency. We received customers’ positive feedback.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, we will provide an appropriate solution. Contact us today for the best industrial wastewater odor treatment solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions. You can contact us any time via Chat Box or:

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