Dr.Air UV 5K Industrial Kitchen Deodorizer


  • Model : Dr.Air UV 5K
  • Material: 201 stainless steel with 1.5 mm thick
  • Number of UV bulbs: 15 bulbs
  • Process flow: 5000 m3/h
  • Dimensions: 1800x1200x1160 mm
  • Flange : 320x400mm, 300 mm
  • Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
  • Power: 2.25 kW
  • Pressure resistance : 150 Pa
  • Treatment efficiency: 90% – 95%


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The Dr.Air UV 5K industrial kitchen deodorizer machine integrates three advanced technology platforms including UV, TiO2 photocatalyst technology and ozone deodorizing technology. Each technology has its own characteristics, but all tend to a common goal is to eliminate odors of industrial exhaust, industrial kitchen smoke, CNC cutting machines, etc.

Dr.Air UV 5K Industrial Kitchen Deodorizer
Model of treating the industrial kitchen smoke exhaust gas odor

The UV machine structure includes 3 main parts: elementary filter membrane, deodorizing UV rig and TiO2 membrane filter. In particular, the elementary filter membrane only has the effect of filtering coarse dust in case the exhaust gas has been treated to remove smoke, filtered grease or had a dust filter system in front.

The Dr.Air UV 5K industrial kitchen deodorizer product features:

Deodorize by UV Technology

Short wavelength UV light energy breaks down most odorous compounds such as benzene, toluene, xylene, organic or inorganic compounds by shining UV light into a toxic gas stream. Under the influence of UV rays, these toxic substances are decomposed, breaking their structure, becoming friendly substances such as CO2 and H2O.

Use UV bulbs that generate Ozone

The UV rays interact with the natural air that break the molecular structure of oxygen, producing ozone (O2 molecules bonds are broken into O atoms, and at the same time combine with O atoms produces Ozone O3). Because Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, it easily breaks down VOCs volatile organic substances.

UV + O2 -> O- + O

O + O2 -> O3

TiO2 photocatalyst – the solution for treating stubborn odors

Photocatalysis is a technology that combines UV & TiO2 filter membrane to produce Hydroxyl radicals (-OH), these radicals are more powerful oxidizing agents than Ozone, can remove odors that are difficult to handle or inert with ozone & UV.
Photocatalyst technology is based on the principle of radiation absorption of TiO2 nano-membrane, when light shines on the TiO2 membrane, there will be two reactions occurring simultaneously, including Oxidation & Reduction. They separate water molecules or Oxygen molecules to form hydroxyl radicals (-OH). These radicals react oxidize with volatile organic substances (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Dr.Air UV 5K Industrial Kitchen Deodorizer

Smart and simple controller

Not only evaluated for working efficiency, but the device also owns a smart remote controller. This allows the user to easily adjust the operating mode.

High-quality material

The industrial kitchen odor clean machine is also highly safe because is made of high-quality materials, without making leaks of ultraviolet rays or fire hazards. The product design is also simple, easy to install, easy to use and maintain.


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