Dr.Ozone Treat Water For The Urban Water Supply Station

Customer Information

  • Customer Name: Dong Thap Water Supply & Urban Environment Joint Stock Company
  • Address: No. 01 – Ton Duc Thang – Ward 1 – City. Cao Lanh – Dong Thap
  • Product: Dr.Ozone D80S Industrial ozone machine
  • Quantity: 01 machine
  • Requirements: Treatment of water supply

Dr.Ozone Treat Water For The Urban Water Supply Station

Supply water plays an essential role in human life, not only providing an indispensable energy source for human health, animal and plants, but also an essential materials source for production activities of industrial establishments and industrial zones. Therefore, the supply water treatment system always keeps an extremely important role.

What is Supply Water?

Supply water is the water that after being treated at a water treatment facility, will pass through water supply stations. From these stations, water will be supplied to consumers. Supply water is divided into two types with different characteristics of treated water:

  • Supply water for drinking
  • Supply water for domestic.

The composition and nature of the tap water source supplied to the plant are always controlled its parameters by the water supply stations. This water source is used for the living and production processes of the establishment.

As for groundwater, the parameters in the water after exploitation are not suitable with the norms for direct use. To meet the demand and standard for water use in the production process, ensure the health of users, and ensure that the quality of the products is not affected, the facilities have to construct or install a water treatment system.

There are many causes of Fe-contaminated supply water, but the main cause is that groundwater has a large amount of completely dissolved Fe ions and is not thoroughly treated, so there is an amount of Fe remaining in the water after treating or a small amount of Fe ions dissolve into the water due to water transporting pipes …

Dr.Ozone Treat Water For The Urban Water Supply Station

Ozone Treat Water – Effective Solution For Treating Supply Water, The Treating Ability Of Many Substances, Safe And Environmentally Friendly

Compared with other methods, the ozone machine has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Removes harmful substances remaining in water up to 99%.
  • Can handle many different substances such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals.
  • Leaves no residue, friendly and safe for humans.
  • Water can be used without waiting too long.
  • Just one machine can handle a large amount of water.

Dr.Ozone- Prestigious Brand Providing Ozone Machine For Water Treatment At Binh Phu Water Supply Station

Dong Thap Water Supply & Urban Environment Joint Stock Company contacted Dr.Ozone to order two ozone machines with a capacity of 80g O3/h – Supply water treatment at Binh Phu water supply station.

Dr.Ozone D80S ozone machines have integrated H20-Green technology, Auto-cooling, APO warning, monolithic components. Products certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard, published TCCS 01:2014/HSVN basic standards issued by Quacert, certified public health safety brand.

Currently, the ozone machine system for water treatment at Binh Phu water supply farm has been completed, installed and put into stable operation, receiving positive feedback from customers about the machine quality.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, we will provide an appropriate solution. Contact us today for the most supply water treatment solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions. You can contact us any time via Chat Box or Messenger:

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