Washing Chickens and Ducks with Ozone Ensure Food Safety

Customer Information

  • Customer Name: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bung
  • Address: Gia Binh TT Center – Gia Binh District – Bac Ninh Province
  • Product: Dr.Ozone D2 Industrial ozone machine
  • Quantity: 01 machine
  • Requirements: Washing chickens and ducks with ozone at the preliminary processing stage to ensure food safety

Washing Chickens and Ducks with Ozone Ensure Food Safety

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health (Vietnam), from January 1rst to May 31st, 2020, the whole country recorded 48 cases of food poisoning that causes more than 870 people got and 824 people to be hospitalized for treatment and 22 people to die. Compared with the same period in 2019, an increase of 11 cases (29.7%) of food poisoning, an increase of 18 cases got and an increase of 17 deaths.

Experts say that the biggest challenge in food safety management in Vietnam is the managing problem for small-scale production status (over 8 million agricultural production households, millions of food processing and trading households). This situation entails many risks of not ensuring food quality and safety, especially for farming habits and practices, production, business consumption on small-retail scales…

Owning a chicken and duck processing facility in Gia Binh district, Bac Ninh province (Vietnam), Mr. Bung ensures food hygiene and food safety through a solution of sterilization and decontamination with ozone. Contacting Dr.Ozone, we know that each time food is washed, it provides about 200 liters of water, the amount of food is up to 20-30 pounds. Dr.Ozone recommends he use the D2 industrial ozone machine.

Ozone – Solution for Clean Food

Thanks to the ability to detoxify, remove bacteria effectively, and the cleaning process do not produce harmful substances, Ozone is approved as an antibacterial agent used for food processing by the U.S Department of Agriculture. They can directly contact with foods including all vegetables, fruits, or meat and poultry foods.

With this approval, ozone officially becomes a great choice for food processing, providing a better, optimal, safe, effective, fast and save-cost solution. Ozone is especially suitable for the food industry because of its ability to disinfect and remove harmful substances and bacteria on the surface of food thanks to its strong oxidizing properties. Ozone helps to clean food without generating any chemical by-products.

Food Safety with Ozone – Ozone Generator for Washing Chicken and Duck at the Pre-Processing Stage 

Dr.Ozone’s technicians have installed the DrOzone D2 industrial ozone machine for the poultry processing workshop.

Dr.Ozone D2 industrial ozone machine has a capacity of 2g/h, from the ozone output, we lead the Teflon wire to the tank. In fact, this tank has a capacity of 400 liters, however, the customer only uses 200 liters of water per wash, each time from 20 to 30 kg of chickens and ducks. At aeration wirehead, there will be 6 split nozzles, equivalent to 6 ozone aeration bubbles, improving the efficiency of mixing ozone into the water, and at the same time improving the sterilization and disinfection efficiency of food surfaces.

Accessories are neatly wired, do not take up space. After a period of use, we received positive feedback from the customer. Up to now, the machine is still operating stably and giving a good cleaning effect.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an appropriate solution. To learn more about products and ozone technology applied in food-safe treatment, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 090.185.6888 for a free consultation and quick quotation.

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