Ozone Improve Seafood Safety And Quality

Customer information:

Customer Name: Mr.Tan – Cuu Long Sea Products Company
Address:  No.36 Bach Dang, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province
Product: Dr.Ozone D40S Industrial Ozone Generator 40,000mg/h 
Quantity: 02 machines
Requirements: Washing food in the production line of the factory

Ozone (O3) is a strong antibacterial agent with many potential applications in the food industry. It has high reactivity, ability to spontaneously degrade to non-toxic products (e.g. O2) make ozone a viable disinfectant to ensure the microbial safety of food products. Ozone has been used for decades in many countries, and recently, its generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status was reaffirmed in the United States.

Ozone in the gaseous or aqueous phase, effective against most microorganisms – has been tested by many research groups. The relatively low ozone concentration and short contact time are sufficient to inactivate bacteria, molds, yeasts, parasites and viruses. Ozone applications in the food industry are mostly related to product surface decontamination and water treatment. Ozone has been used with mixed success to inactivate contaminating microorganisms on meat, poultry, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and dried foods. Ozone gas is also useful in detoxifying and removing mycotoxins and pesticide residues from certain agricultural products.

Dr.Ozone Machine – Ozonator for Food to Disinfect and Decontaminate Seafood 

The seafood processing factory of Cuu Long Seafood Company is located in Tra Vinh province in the Mekong Delta region. Located downstream, between the Tien and Hau rivers, with more than 65 km of coastline adjacent to the East Sea, Tra Vinh province is a rich source of aquatic resources, especially farmed black tiger shrimp with a farming area of ​​about 25,000 hectares of water surface and harvested capacity reached more than 18,000 tons.

Cuu Long Seafood Company use Dr.Ozone Machine to Disinfect and Decontaminate Seafood 

The company has also built and applied a quality management system that meets international food requirements such as HACCP, GMP, BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety), ISO 9001:2000. With the target to supply clean food, ensuring standards according to regulations, Cuu Long Seafood Company has been directed to use the food surface disinfecting and decontaminating technology with ozone at the preliminary stage of processing. After researching a series of brands and suppliers in the market, Mr. Tan – Company representative contacted Dr.Ozone for advice on suitable product lines.

Industrial ozone machine or specialized Dr.Ozone® brand Ozone Generator large capacity is the top choice for the purpose of using ozone gas to participate in water treatment, wastewater treatment, exhaust odor removal, sterilization and industrial food treatment.

Dr.Ozone technicians support installation and operation instructions

After receiving the answer for the necessary information, Dr.Ozone recommends the customer use two Dr.Ozone 40g/h industrial ozone machines.

Technicians have tested the machine before it is ex-factory. At the customer’s production facility, we carry out the handover with full warranty papers. In addition, Dr.Ozone technicians support installation to facilitate your food cleaning process and detailed instructions for use.

Customers who are interested in industrial ozone generator products in general and food disinfection treatment systems in particular, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline 090.185.6888 for a free consultation and receive a quote quickly.

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