Treatment Of Hospital Wastewater With Ozone – Field Hospital Bac Giang Province

Customer information:

  • Customer Name: Mr. Phi Le – Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd
  • Address: No. 45 Le Hong Phong 2 Street, Xuong Giang Ward, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Product: Dr.Ozone KL-10 Plus Industrial Ozone Generator
  • Quantity: 07 machines
  • Requirements: Treatment of medical wastewater, wastewater for washing gloves and medical instruments at discharge clusters

As wastewater treatment processes become more and more stringent in terms of coliform content, at the same time pollutants also appear more and more.

Finding effective solutions to treat polluted wastewater is more urgent than ever.

After many years of research and practical application, ozone is considered an effective solution for wastewater treatment in general and hospital wastewater treatment in particular.

While other wastewater treatment chemicals are increasing in price, ozone still occupies a unique position with low-cost, simple to use and extremely low operating costs. Along with these advantages, ozone is also popular when it decays and regenerates come to pure oxygen, without leaving any toxic residues in the water after the treatment process.

Treatment Of Hospital Wastewater With Ozone - Field Hospital Bac Giang Province

Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd – Prestigious Partner for Safe and Friendly Environmental Treatment Solutions

Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd – specializing in environmental treatment solutions with physicochemical and microbiological processes. The company is responsible for the construction, installation of equipment in works from civil to industrial scale, diverse fields of activity that focus on water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment.

Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd. is the contractor of a project to treat medical wastewater, wastewater for field hospitals, and concentrated isolation areas in Bac Giang province. The core technology used in the project is ozone technology. Currently, Kim Lien company is looking for a number of reputable, quality, and cost-effective machine suppliers, with durable machine operations. So, they contact with us.

After the discussion process, we received the trust of Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd. and Dr.Ozone became their supplier. They supplied 07 Dr.Ozone KL-10 Plus industrial ozone machines to treat medical wastewater and wastewater from gloves, medical tools, domestic wastewater at field hospitals and concentrated isolation areas in Bac Giang province.

Sources of medical wastewater

Medical wastewater comes from the following sources:

  • This is the wastewater type that has originated from activities such as cleaning wounds, cleaning medical and surgical instruments, wastewater from medical laboratories, patient samples, etc. This wastewater contains many bacteria that have a large potential to cause infectious diseases to the surrounding environment.
  • Domestic wastewater from kitchens, canteens in medical facilities, hospitals. In addition, there is wastewater from bathrooms, from cooking, cleaning activities of doctors and nurses, patients, relatives, etc., Due to the characteristics of hospitals, there are often many patients suffering from many diseases, including many infectious diseases that can be spread through the water environment. So, the hospital wastewater will contain many bacteria, germs if is discharged directly into the environment without being thoroughly treated by a safe and professional medical wastewater treatment system, it’s very dangerous to human health.

Treat Hospital Wastewater With Ozone

Chemical Compositions in Medical Wastewater

Medical wastewater contains chemicals that are very dangerous to the environment, especially as BOD, COD, TSS, Sulfide, Armoni, Nitrate, phosphate… specifically as follows:

  • Organic compounds, nutrients, etc.
  • Suspended solids in wastewater (SS)
  • Bacteria, pathogens such as Salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, gastrointestinal viruses, polioviruses, parasites, etc.
  • Other biological specimens in the patient’s pus, blood, sputum, fluid, stool, etc.
  • Other harmful chemicals in the patient’s body and waste products used to treat diseases, even radioactive substances, etc.

Using ozone for hospital wastewater treatment 

Ozone is known to be a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms with an extremely strong oxidizing ability. Ozone destroys most bacteria, molds, spores, viruses, …. microorganisms in water at a speed 3000 times faster than chlorine by destroying their protein coats, damaging DNA structures (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid), thereby neutralizing and destroying them completely.

For example, Ozone kills bacteria such as Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, mold and other bacteria while maintaining a residual ozone concentration in water of 0.3ppm for a 3-minute exposure time. Each microorganism, fungus, parasite requires a different amount of residue & contact time. Common bacteria such as E.Coli can be completely destroyed in just 20 seconds of ozone exposure, bacilli usually use a threshold of 0.2ppm in 30 seconds, however, some algal fungi may require concentrations of 100ppm in 10 min contact time.

The use of ozone machines in the treatment of medical and hospital wastewater is considered an effective solution with a series of advantages such as:

  • Simple and easy water treatment system setup
  • Ozone machine operation is durable, operating costs are extremely low
  • Simple operation, no need to monitor too often
  • No need to supply chemical input
  • High efficiency of hospital wastewater treatment
  • Leaves no harmful residues

Using ozone for hospital wastewater treatment 

Up to now, seven Dr.Ozone industrial ozone machines have been delivered to the base of the project and are gradually being installed and completed at each discharge cluster at the field hospital of Bac Giang province. The machine achieves higher treatment efficiency than ozone machines currently on the market thanks to the air filter, oxygen inlet and H2O-Green cooling technology.

Treatment Of Hospital Wastewater With Ozone - Field Hospital Bac Giang Province

We have received positive feedback from Kim Lien Technology Co., Ltd. With goodwill in this cooperation, Dr.Ozone hopes to continue to accompany the company in future water treatment projects.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an appropriate solution. To learn more about products and ozone technology applied in domestic wastewater treatment, medical wastewater treatment, production wastewater treatment, swimming pool water treatment, aquaculture water treatment, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 090.185.6888 for a free consultation and quick quotation.

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