ESP Treat Exhaust Fumes In Zinc Wire Production

Customer Information

  • Client’s name: Anh Hao – The owner of the zinc wire production factory
  • Address: B4/95/2, Hamlet 2, Lien Ap 2-3 Street, Da Phuoc Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Product: Dr.Air CH4000 Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks
  • Quantity: 01 machine
  • Requirement: Eliminate smoke of cooking powder in a lubricant when producing zinc wire

Mr. Hao – The owner of the zinc wire production factory contacted Dr-Ozone to learn about the modern electrostatic capture sucks product line. It is known that the unit cooks powder, which is a special powder used in lubricants when producing small zinc wires. After discussing equipment and costs, he trusted Dr-Ozone to be the supplier of electrostatic capture suck to treat exhaust fumes from this production stage.

Dr.Air Electrostatic Kitchen Smoke Capture Sucks

CH4000 electrostatic capture sucks equipment – ESP treats exhaust fumes in zinc wire production include:

  • Grease trap filter & ultrasonic oil separator fan: Removes & filters 80% of grease in kitchen exhaust.
  • Air electrostatic grease smoke filter device: Filters 20% of the remaining oil grease in kitchen smoke and completely eliminates industrial kitchen smoke.
  • Centrifugal fan: Built-in in the device, helping to optimize the system and reduce costs.

Dust and grease removal efficiency is ≥95%. Minimize the phenomenon of grease and dust on the pipeline and flying into the air. The electrostatic capture sucks have an externally mounted control interface to facilitate easy operation and control.

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