Treating Chemical Odor of Glue Production Line with Ozone

Customer Information:

Customer Name: Mr.Kien – Thai Hoa Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd
Address: Que Vo Industrial Park 1, Ke Vo District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
Product: Dr.Ozone DK20 Industrial Ozone Deodorizer
Quantity: 01 machine
Requirements: Treating chemical odor (Ammonia) of the wood panel glue production line

Introduction of Thai Hoa Industrial Chemical Co., Ltd

Thai Hoa Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of formalin and glues, located on Lot CN07-8 314a Extended Yen Phong Industrial Park, Yen Trung Commune, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province.

Due to having the need to treat chemical smell for the glued wood board production line, Thai Hoa Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd contacted Dr.Ozone to find a deodorizing device with suitable ozone technology application. The most important thing is to thoroughly treat the ammonia smell before discharging it to the outside environment.

The toxicity of Ammonia

Ammonia (NH3) is an inorganic compound that has a negative effect on humans depending on the dose and duration of exposure. NH3 high concentrations can immediately cause burns to the skin, eyes, nose, throat, respiratory tract, even leading to blindness, lung damage and death. Inhaling lower concentrations of ammonia will cause coughing, irritation of the nose and throat. Ingestion causes burns to the mouth, throat and stomach.

When entering humans, NH3 reacts with water in the body to form ammonium hydroxide. This chemical is corrosive and damages cells. The damaged tissue is drained again, which will convert ammonia into ammonium hydroxide, which continues to cause burns to the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, and digestive tract.

Thai Hoa Industrial Chemical Co., Ltd trusts to choose Dr.Ozone to become a supplier of large capacity industrial ozone deodorizer for treating ammonia odor with ozone in glue production line.


Treating Ammonia Odor with Ozone In Glue Production Line

Actual Survey and Installation of Ammonia Odor Treatment System with Ozone Machine

Typically, an industrial exhaust gas treatment system will include:
  • 01 stamping tank
  • 01 Electrostatic precipititor device
  • 01 Deodorizing device

At the foot of the construction site in Bac Ninh province, Dr.Ozone’s technicians realized that the facility designed an available activated carbon membrane and water stamping tank, we recommend adding a DK20 industrial ozone machine, integrated into the available system for odor treatment.

Exhaust gas entering the pipeline will contain a large amount of coarse dust produced by the production process, which is treated through the stamping tank. Exhaust gases continue to follow the pipeline to the activated carbon filter membrane, where fine smoke and dust are retained, through the exhaust fan, up and discharged to the outside environment.

The technician conducts the integration of ozone injection into the pipe at the position behind the exhaust fan, where the odor treatment process will take place. A large output size (phi 60) combined with a large capacity centrifugal fan, increases ozone activity, creating high purification capacity and instant odor decomposition.

The machine is easily integrated into the exhaust gas pipeline, combined with the stamping tank + electrostatic filter to create the most complete, intensive and comprehensive system, ensuring the exhaust gas meets the prescribed standards.

The installation process went smoothly with the support of employees of the Thai Hoa company. We have conducted a test run of the device and received the expected odor treatment results. The whole system works smoothly and stably, receiving countless positive feedbacks from customers.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an appropriate solution. To learn more about products and ozone technology applied in industrial odor treatment, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 090.185.6888 for a free consultation and quick quotation.

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