Dr.Clean 60L UV and Ozone double Disinfection Cabinet


  • Model: Dr.Clean 60L
  • Technology: UV + Ozone
  • Inside dimensions: 540x350x320mm
  • Outer dimensions: 600x450x340
  • UV bulbs : 2
  • UV power: 6W
  • Use voltage: 220V/ 50Hz
  • Wavelength: 185nm & 254nm
  • Number of racks: 2 racks
  • Material: Powder coated steel
  • Color : White


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The combination of Uv and Ozone are two important factors to help the Dr.Clean 60L UV and Ozone Double Disinfection Cabinet achieve high efficiency of the appliances and equipment cleaning process in the household as well as in hospitals, medical clinics, schools.

If the disinfection by UV light only works for the areas where the light shines on, then ozone – a gas with strong redox properties easily penetrates into every corner to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Therefore, when both UV and ozone are integrated, the disinfection efficiency of Dr.Clean 60L is doubled.

Dr.Clean 60L UV and Ozone double Disinfection Cabinet

A series of studies have shown that UVC light sterilization is highly effective when it affects the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms, making them unable to replicate and causing disease for humans.

UVC light sterilization is highly effective when it affects the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms

Practical application

The Dr.Clean 60L disinfection cabinet is suitable for sterilizing items such as:

  • Disinfect dishes
  • Disinfect phones, personal items
  • Disinfect documents
  • Disinfect the package
  • Disinfect clothes
  • Disinfect food, fast food
  • Sterilize baby bottles
  • And other items…

Structure details

Dr.Clean 60L UV and Ozone double Disinfection Cabinet

User manual

Step 1: Connect the machine to a 220V power source

Step 2: Place the items to be disinfected on the tray. For cups/bowls/cups, they should be placed face up to ensure effective use.

Step 3: Set the working time of the cabinet. If the rest time is 0, the machine will operate continuously, automatically shutting down when the running time is up. If rest and run times are set according to levels (e.g. run time is xxx, rest time is yyy), the machine will run in cyclic mode (machine run xxx time, rest yyy time, maintain until the user shutdown).

Step 4: Turn on the power switch to start the machine, then, the UV light will illuminate, the ozone generator will work.

Step 5: When the machine stops working, you take out the item and use it.
It should be noted that the sterilization effect of the machine is only maintained when the item is in the cabinet and the cabinet is operated in sterilization mode. When the item moved to the outside environment, the invasion of bacteria is inevitable. Therefore, if you want to ensure the best sterilization of items until use, it is advisable to maintain the cabinet in continuous operation and not move the item out for too long.


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