Jio Health polyclinic use Dr.Ozone air purifier deodorizer for large area

Hospitals and clinics are places where human health care activities take place. However, these are the most polluted places, the most susceptible to viral infections. Therefore, the solution to clean the air in hospitals and clinics is one of the issues that many people are interested in.

Jio Health polyclinic has researched many types of air purifiers on the market and has trusted to choose Dr.Ozone models, which include 01 Dr.Air Pro Max bactericidal deodorant + 01 GL8182 machine air purifier. With high durability, good deodorizing and disinfecting effect, filtering fine dust of microscopic size, GL8182 is used in rooms with an area of ​​under 50m2, while the Pro Max machine has been effective with rooms up to hundreds of square meters.

Customer name: Anh Thao – Jio Health Clinic
Address: 1st floor, mPlaza building, 39 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Products: 01 Dr.Air Pro Max Antibacterial Deodorant Air Purifier + 01 GL8182 Air Purifier
Requirements: Air purification and deodorizing for the clinic

Jio Health polyclinic use Dr.Ozone air purifier and deodorizer for large area

Why is it necessary to have a solution to clean the air in hospitals and clinics?

Air quality in hospitals and clinics needs attention at the right time and timely manner when doctors, patients and customers all need to be healthy.

In order for the patient to recover quickly, positively and safely, the patient needs a good ideal environment. Improving air quality in hospitals and clinics and setting health care standards is an important and necessary factor in ensuring occupational health and safety in medical facilities.

Pollutants in the air that have a bad impact on human health are dirt, dust, viruses, bacteria the air that penetrate into the body.

Dr.Air and Dr.Ozone – Solution for pure air in hospitals and clinics

Dr.Air Pro Max Deodorant Air Purifier and GL8182 Air Purifier with high purification efficiency are ideal solutions for cleaning the atmosphere in hospitals and clinics. With advanced cleaning technology with a multi-layer filter system, it can filter out dirt, bacteria, deodorizing viruses, harmful gases as well as allergens that affect human health.

The filter system combines activated carbon and HEPA to help remove 99.9% of dust, fine particles, allergens, unpleasant odors, and harmful fumes. With its special structure, the HEPA filter membrane can remove particles up to 0.3 μm in size and even those as small as bacteria.

In addition, the machine can eliminate unpleasant odors such as the smell of antibiotics, human body odor, and a secret atmosphere caused by an overcrowded number of patients. From that, improve the efficiency of patient care.

If you are in need of ordering an effective deodorant integrated air purifier, please contact Dr.Ozone via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 0901856888 for the fastest support.

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