Hotel Wastewater Treatment System & Solution

The main technology platform that we use for the hotel wastewater treatment system & solution is biotechnology combined with using ozone generators.

Every day, a hotel will produce certain wastewater amounts out environment. Especially in peak seasons, laundry wastewater, domestic wastewater and wastewater from the hotel kitchen that contains grease and oils are too overwhelmed to make clogs in the pipeline, producing unpleasant odors. If not solve reasonably all of these problems, it could lead to a polluted environment in the not far future.

Hotel Wastewater Treatment System & Solution

Experiencing many practical projects on water treatment, wastewater treatment, supply water treatment field, we usually use one of three wastewater treatment options for hotels and restaurants as follows:

Biotechnology combined with MBR filter membrane technology


Hotel Wastewater Treatment System & Solution – ozone generator for Vienam/India/Malaysia/Thailan/Singapore


In this process, the wastewater from the laundry process is preliminarily treated and sent to a centralized treatment station of the kitchen & restaurant wastewater (has passed through the grease separator tank) and toilet wastewater. The flow is brought inside the equalization tank (with air blower), the wastewater is contained and mixed evenly, then it is pumped to the anoxic biological treatment tank. In the anoxic tank, due to the growth and development of anoxic bacterias to help process the nitrogen and phosphorus components in the wastewater, then the wastewater is transferred to the aerobic biological tank.

In the aerobic biological tank, the growth and development of aerobic microorganisms will help to process organic components in the wastewater. Wastewater after treatment is transferred to the MBR membrane filter compartment. The MBR filter membrane is a synthetic fiber filter system, with a small filter pore size, the filtration process removes most of the sludge particles and suspended substances in the wastewater.

In order to completely remove bacteria, viruses, etc. in wastewater so that wastewater can reach Coliform criteria, wastewater needs to be disinfected with a Dr.Ozone industrial ozone generator before being discharged into the receiving environment. The sludge generated during the treatment process is stored in the aerobic biological treatment tank and periodically pumped to the sludge storage tank.

The SBR wastewater treatment technology (Sequencing Batch Reactor)


Hotel Wastewater Treatment System & Solution – ozone generator for Vienam/India/Malaysia/Thailan/Singapore - The SBR wastewater treatment technology


The biggest disadvantage of SBR biotechnology for hotel wastewater treatment is that it requires operators have to have qualified in parameter control, and self-cultivated microbial systems. However, the advantage of this system is fewer processes, minimizing the area used. In fact, batch biotechnology with the SBR treatment tank is a technology that applies the ability of microbiota growth to treat wastewater. The anoxic, aerobic treatment and biological sludge deposition treatment processes occur in a single tank by each batch.

Continuous biotechnology, AO technology combined with MBBR


AO technology combined with MBBR - Hotel Wastewater Treatment System & Solution – ozone generator for Vienam/India/Malaysia/Thailan/Singapore


The AO technology process combined with MBBR technology is an improvement of biotechnology, widely applied in the industrial, enterprise & factory wastewater treatment field. In fact, AO & MBBR technology is a combination of biological methods and biological buffer materials (biological substrates) permanently installed in anoxic and aerobic tanks.

Wastewater contains nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. These compounds are removed from wastewater through two processes of nitrification and phosphorylation (decomposition of phosphorus-containing compounds) in the anoxic tank according to the conversion chain.

NO3- → NO2- → N2O → N2↑

The polluted organic substances are absorbed by the organisms (activated sludge) in the aerobic biological process. These organisms also use Nitrogen & Phosphorus to synthesize new cells simultaneously release CO2, H2O.

Organic matter decomposition and oxidation process

Organic matter + O2 → CO2 + H2O + energy

The new cell synthesis process

Organic matter + O2 + NH3 → Microorganism cells + CO2 + H2O+energy

Endogenous decomposition process

C5H7O2N + O2 → CO2 + H2O + NH3 + energy

The AO & MBBR technology is often the optimal method used by us to treat hotel, resort and restaurant wastewater. This wastewater treatment system is capable of treating mineral oil, grease, animal vegetable oil, nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, BOD… present in wastewater. Centralized processing form, convenient for system operation. In addition, the improved biological treatment technology uses a highly durable biological buffer material (biological substrate) as a place to grow and develop microbiotas, increasing the efficiency of treatment. Other advantages of the system help to reduce processing costs, low maintenance, longevity life, no need for qualified operators.

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