Hotel Kitchen Smoke Treatment System & Solution

We specialize in the installation of kitchen exhaust collection systems, kitchen smoke odor treatment; upgrading, renovation & improvement of hotel kitchen exhaust smoke treatment equipment. Our outstanding effective system & solution uses kitchen smoke treatment products with Dr.Air brand electrostatic smoke removal filter platform technology, Dr.Clean H2O grease separation technology, Ozone deodorizing technology – Dr.Ozone®, UV-C (photocatalytic), activated carbon (Carbon filter).

Hotel Kitchen Smoke Treatment System & Solution

The exhaust gas treatment system is usually located in the hotel basement with the exhaust pipe leading to the outside, the output column is limited in height, or is treated directly in the basement, free space. In addition, handling the smell of hotel kitchen smoke requires thorough, exhaust gas released into the environment without odor, smoke, grease, avoiding affecting the hotel space and the surrounding environment.

Industrial kitchen exhaust filter box

Dr.Air AA kitchen exhaust filter box and Dura filter membrane

Filter box for small grease particles mixed in kitchen smoke, prevent fire in the exhaust pipe, cool down the airflow with a Dr.Air AA filter box, the structure includes a filter system made of Dura aluminum (Al -Cu-Mg with Cu < 5%, Mg < 2%) with high strength is used in the manufacture of aircraft shells, rocket hulls., special twisted structure. The advantages of the filter cartridge are a simple design, easy to integrate, long service life, easy to clean, with oil drain valve & independent operation, no energy loss, more than 10 years of use, reuse after cleaning periodically.

Dr.Clean H2O Ultrasonic Oil Separator Fan

Dr.Clean H2O Ultrasonic Oil Separator Fan

Unlike the Dr.Air AA gas filter box, the Dr.Clean H2O ultrasonic oil separator fan uses an oil separation system including inox blade ultrasonic fans with large fan speed. The main advantage of the fans is that the separation efficiency is over 85%, retaining only steam and grease, allowing air to flow through. The pressure resistance is about 50pa for a fan, the number of built-in fans depends on the flow of the exhaust fan installed in the system and the amount of grease present in the kitchen smoke.

Eliminate smoke, oil & soot with electrostatic smoke removal technology

Dr.Air electrostatic smoke removal machine is the foundation of the industrial kitchen smoke treatment system. By creating a high voltage environment, ionizes all gas molecules, smoke molecules, grease, soot, turns them into charged particles and collects them with oppositely charged electrodes.

Hotel Kitchen Smoke Treatment System & Solution

Simulating the Dr.Air electrostatic filter principle

The biggest difference of Dr.Air electrostatic smoke precipitator is also the main strength is that it is integrated with a dual electrostatic filter system including an ionizing electric field generator & a filter to trap grease, smoke & ionized soot; separate high-pressure chamber, with cooling chiller system, helps to maintain system stability.

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