Commercial Kitchen Soot Ash Treatment System

We specialize in treating kitchen smoke in the smoke extraction system of commercial kitchens, industrial kitchens, collective kitchens, restaurants; provide solutions for kitchen soot ash treatment, smoke removal, grease filters, deodorization base on Dr.Air industrial electrostatic filter technology platform, Dr.Clean H20 brand specialized oil separator fan system & deodorization technology, sterilization by ozone from with Dr.Ozone® ozone machine, Dr.Air A filter box. Effective kitchen smoke & odor treatment over 98%, low cost, low maintenance, long-term reuse, no chemicals, more durable, easy to install in a modular form.


KT6000 Industrial Electrostatic Filter

Each Module in the Dr.Air industrial kitchen smoke treatment system has a different effect, eliminating the pollutant components present in the kitchen exhaust.

Separating grease and water vapor in kitchen exhaust

Grease and water vapor are indispensable components in industrial kitchen exhaust gases, especially in fast-food restaurants such as frying and grilling. The grease in the kitchen smoke is partially retained when it passes through the smoke capture suck with a grease filter (grease trap), but the efficiency is not high, leading to the kitchen smoke pipeline, exhaust fan and filter system getting dense grease after a period of use which affects the treatment system.

Dr.Clean H2O specialized smoke & grease capture suck is a great improvement in technology, using ultrasonic oil separator fan technology, the filtration rate is over 85%, stainless steel material, collecting grease, has an oil outlet hole, collect grease.

Ultrasonic oil separator fan (left) – Module form, ultrasonic smoke extraction (right)

Ultrasonic oil separator fan (left) – Module form, ultrasonic smoke extraction (right)

There are 2 methods of using Dr.Clean H2O, using it directly, replacing the capture suck with a grease filter or installing it behind, connecting to the modular form kitchen exhaust pipe like an electrostatic filter machine.

Soot filter, oil & smoke hook machine

Exhaust gas after being separated, grease and water vapor is put through the Dr.Air electrostatic precipitator equipment for further treatment. In this process, exhaust gas is passed through the mechanical filter membrane system of an electrostatic precipitator machine (may include a Dr.Air AA filter box). The effectiveness of the electrostatic filter includes:

  • Smoke removal efficiency over 98%.
  • Thoroughly treat the oil present in the exhaust gas.
  • Filter dust, soot, ash in the exhaust gas.

The filter is powered by high voltage, ionizing smoke, grease, dust, collected on a flat negative (positive) electrode plate. Advantages of Dr.Air industrial electrostatic precipitator with dual filter, ionization system is separated with collector filter, control panel system with the wind-cooled chiller system.

Deodorize, disinfect & purify the air

After the kitchen smoke passes through the electrostatic filter, there is only one smell left to be treated, the smell of the kitchen smoke is treated by Canada Ozone technology, through the Dr.Ozone industrial ozone generator. Advantages Ozone technology quickly deodorizes, removes most of the volatile organic substances (VOCs), kills bacteria, fungi, and germs in the exhaust gas.

Commercial Kitchen Soot Ash Treatment System

Ozone generation technology adopts a high-pressure chamber, the main source of natural gas, so no chemical costs are incurred. In addition, ozone is produced on-site, no need to store it, easy system integration.

Ozone is injected directly into the pipeline through the gas pipe joints, ozone gas is quickly introduced into the air duct by the industrial blower, immediately participating in the deodorization process. The optimal distance of ozone injection to the exhaust gas outlet is from 10 to 15 meters, the contact time is 5-10 minutes.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, we will provide an appropriate solution. Contact us today for the industrial kitchen exhaust gas treatment solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions. You can contact us any time via Chat Box or our Hotline for the best advice and support.

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