Hospital Room Disinfection UV Lamp for K Hospital, Tan Trieu Facility – Ensuring Safety During Epidemic Season

Customer information

Customer Name: Mr.Nam – K hospital personnel
Address: No. 30 Cau Buu, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, Hanoi (K3 Hospital)
Product: Dr.Air UV-80W – UV Lamp for Hospital Room Disinfectant
Quantity: 01 lamp
Request: Disinfect the hospital room

With the increasing number of Covid19 infections in Vietnam, the emergence of a new strain of covid threatening the lives of millions of people, once again raised concerns about the risk of being positive Covid19 and difficulties in treatment. The Omicron variant has up to 60 mutations compared to the original variant. Omicrons can spread quickly.

No matter how the epidemic situation changes, the fact that it has lasted for many months and years is a wake-up call for everyone to be proactive in disease prevention and protection before getting infected or breaking out into an epidemic outbreak.

Hospital – The place is said to be the hottest spot today that is a sensitive environment and is most likely to form an outbreak when most of the individuals who come here have weak resistance or underlying diseases. In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work goes more smoothly, and to minimize the outbreak, Tan Trieu K hospital contacted Dr.Ozone to learn about the lines of disinfection to prevent, destroy or make inactivate many different types of bacteria and viruses to ensure a safer and healthier medical environment.

After receiving the request from the hospital, we recommend using the Dr.Air UV-80W Portable Room Sterilizer UVC Lamp.

UV Lamp for Hospital Room Disinfectant in The Large Area 

Dr.Air UV-80W is effective air sterilization and room disinfection device using the platform of high-intensity UVC sterilization technology & Ozone gas sterilization technology. Advantages of Dr.Air UV-80W air sterilizer:

  • Disinfection quickly with room disinfection time is 15 – 60 minutes for an area of 46m2.
  • Easy to move with heavy-duty wheels, sturdy handle.
  • The light bulb integrates two wavelengths that operate independently by an on/off switch.
  • Environmentally friendly UVC & Ozone sterilization technology.
  • Supply fresh air to rooms, hotel rooms, apartments, hospitals, clinics,…
  • Allows setting usage time from 0 – 60 minutes.

Freeship and Detailed User Guide for Hospital Room Disinfection UV Lamp

Dr.Ozone technicians directly delivered the UV lamp and gave detailed instructions on how to use them. In general, the hospital room disinfection UV lamp is simple to use. With 185nm & 253.7nm wavelength UV light, the lamp brings high sterilization efficiency.

UV Lamp disinfect K Hospital Room – Tan Trieu Facility

Customers who are interested in room disinfection solutions, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline 0901856888 for detailed advice and fast delivery.

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