Dr.Air Removes The Smell Of Food For Restaurant’s Up To 200m2 Area

Customer Information

  • Customer Name: Azumaya Hotel
  • Address: No. 38 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Products: 02 Dr.Air Pro Max Antibacterial deodorizers, 01 DrOzone Clean C5 deodorizer
  • Requirements: Deodorize food for a 200m2 restaurant. Test the product for 3 days, feel the effect, then decide to order. The Dr.Air Pro Max antibacterial deodorant air purifier turns on when guests are seated at the restaurant and the DrOzone Clean C deodorizer turns on after customers finish eating, off the restaurant.

A restaurant is not only a place to enjoy the meal but also a place to entertain guests. Therefore, not only need delicious, beautiful food, and artistic restaurant decoration but investors also need to pay attention to how to create a pleasant smell for the restaurant space.

Besides, the cuisine is growing day by day. Followed by a series of restaurants opening up. However, every restaurant has problems related to deodorization. The smell of smoke, food, grease, sweat, etc. is not only an obsession of restaurant owners but also of diners. Having problems with odor, Azumaya Hotel contacted Dr.Ozone to learn about the most reasonable deodorizing solution with effectiveness, speed and safety.

Dr.Air Removes The Smell Of Food For Restaurant's Up To 200m2 Area

Azumaya Hotel – Using 03 machines for deodorizing

Through the discussion process, Dr.Ozone knew that the investor currently owns a restaurant area with an area of ​​​​up to 200m2. We recommend using the Dr.Air Pro Max antibacterial deodorizer and Dr.Ozone Clean C deodorizer.

  • Dr.Air Pro Max Antibacterial deodorizer air purifier: The reason we recommend using this machine is that it is a model owns effectively deodorizes and purifies air up to hundreds of square meters (under 120m2). By owning these 02 products, cleaning space of 200m2 is just a simple matter. Integrating a series of cleaning technologies such as UV, Ozone, Negative Ion and TiO2 photocatalyst, HEPA filter system to handle fine dust of microscopic size, etc. Pro Max shows its superiority, bringing more advantages than the old models, predecessor versions of air purifiers or existing models on the market today. You can use the machine even when guests are eating in the room without any health concerns.
  • Dr.Ozone Clean C Deodorizer: Dubbed a mobile warrior, large area deodorizer. With the desire to use only 1 machine that can quickly deodorize and many different spaces, the Dr.Ozone Clean C deodorizer is considered the most suitable choice. The C5 ozone machine (the highest power level in the C-series deodorizer system) can be used to deodorize rooms with an area of ​​​​under 70m2. Machine C will be turned on to deodorize when the restaurant is empty, close the door and choose the appropriate deodorizing time.

After testing the deodorizing effect of the product, the investor decided to order 03 of our machines.

Dr.Ozone would especially like to thank Azumaya Hotel for choosing us to be your deodorant supplier.

Contact us today for the most odor treatment solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions. You can contact us any time via Chat Box or Hotline for the best advice and support.

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