Deodorize Restaurant And Cooking Area With Only 1 Device – Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5

Customer Information

  • Customer name: Ty Ty Food & Coffee
  • Address: Quang Trung Software Park, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Product: Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5 Sterilizer
  • Quantity: 01 machine
  • Requirements: Deodorize the restaurant before guests enter and deodorize the kitchen area

Deodorize the restaurant for officer & kitchen areas with the most optimized cost solution

Contact with Dr.Ozone, the manager of TyTy Food & Coffee is currently in need of deodorizing the restaurant for officers. Our customers need to deodorize the eating area before guests come to eat during lunch breaks or late at night when there are no guests. Because the eating room under the apartment building, has an area of ​​​​up to 90m2, the room is cold and closed, so the smell cannot escape, the space is quite mysterious and lack of freshness, the smell of food can cling to hair, clothes, … making guests feel uncomfortable after eating. In addition, the restaurant is also in need of a solution to deodorize the kitchen area of ​​​​about 25m2, cooking area has a lot of greasy smell.

Investor of the restaurant is finding an effective and simple deodorant solution that still helps to optimize costs. For multi-room, multi-area deodorization as requirements, Dr.Ozone recommends the use of Dr.Ozone Clean C or Dr.Ozone Bacteria deodorizers.

After learning about the advantages of each product line, the restaurant manager of Ty Ty Food & Coffee selected the Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5 sterilization machine.

Deodorize Restaurant And Cooking Area With Only 1 Device - Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5

Only 1 machine Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5 – Clean both the reception space and the cooking space for the restaurant

The Dr.Ozone Bacteria 5 sterilizer has a capacity of 5g O3/h – The largest capacity of the Bacteria line from the Dr.Ozone brand. With this large capacity, the machine has the ability to quickly and cleanly deodorize spaces with an area of ​​​​up to 70m2-90m2.
Thanks to the convenient handle, customers only need to invest in 1 machine that can deodorize and disinfect many different rooms and spaces. The product is relatively lightweight combined with simple usage, Dr.Ozone Bacteria is loved by many investors when it doesn’t take too much time and labor for this deodorization.
No need to supply chemicals, no additional costs, and the investment in buying the machine is almost the only investment. Besides, the machine also owns good components, long life, Dr.Ozone customers have never had to complain about the durability of the machine.
Simple to use through the timer to adjust the time, flexibly choose the run-rest that best suits your needs. For large areas up to nearly a hundred square meters like at Ty Ty Food & Coffee, we recommend that it takes less than 15 minutes to clean. For days with a large amount of odor, customers can actively deodorize for a longer time.
The machine has been delivered to the restaurant with a full release certificate cum warranty. Dr.Ozone is committed to quality products with original prices that customers cannot find anywhere else cheaper. Because the product is produced by Dr.Ozone itself, the selling price is the value of gratitude for the support of customers, not through a commercial third party.

Dr-Ozone contacted the manager of TyTy Food & Coffee to receive her feedback, and she said that felt very satisfied with this product. The space of the restaurant is highly appreciated by the guests, bringing great sympathy and coming back after many times of dining and enjoying tea at the restaurant.

Dr.Ozone thanks for your trust, hopefully with goodwill this first time, we will continue to become a reputable deodorant supplier when TyTy expands more branches.

Customers who are currently interested in deodorant products from Dr.Ozone, please contact us via Chat Box or Messenger for detailed advice and fast delivery.

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