The Dr.Ozone paint dust suppression system for Thai Duong Industrial JSC

Customer Information:

  • Customer Name: Ms. Hoai Vo – Thai Duong Industrial Joint Stock Company
  • Address: Truong An Industrial Cluster, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
  • Product: DK20 industrial ozone machine
  • Quantity: 01 machine
  • Requirements: Paint deodorizer & dust suppression system

The Dr.Ozone paint dust suppression system for Thai Duong Industrial JSC

Paint dust treatment systems in urban areas become to be an integral part of any paint-related field. Due to the development of a relatively large population density, the focus on the environment is increasingly concerned, and environmental regulations are more stringent.

During the painting process, the solvent and paint dust released to the outside will greatly affect the environment and the health of people around. To meet the requirements of environmental protection, manufacturers have designed and manufactured a paint dust suppressor, an additional paint smell for a conventional vacuum cleaner to retain all paint dust and paint odors before being discharged outside the environment.

In principle, in order to handle the paint smell, all the paint dust must first be retained, then the remaining paint gas will be treated for the smell. Normally, when the paint dust has been kept, the paint smell in the exhaust gas has also been reduced and the remaining deodorization will be easier to handle.

Contacting Dr.Ozone, Ms. Hoai Vo – Thai Duong Industrial Joint Stock Company listened to advice and ordered 01 DK20 industrial ozone machine – used in the deodorization of the paint room dust suppression system.

The Dr.Ozone paint dust suppression system for Thai Duong Industrial JSC

Thai Duong JSC uses the paint room dust suppression system by water combined with ozone deodorization. Specifically, all paint dust will be treated with water, then go through a bridge deck. This bridge deck is designed with nozzles that hold dust. The fan will suck up all the exhaust gas that has been removed from dust, at the pipe, ozone is added to perform the odor treatment stage.

The ozone generator deodorizer is a natural method of air cleaning, using the natural cleaning agent “Ozone” with strong oxidizing properties, destroying almost all organic and inorganic substances quickly, effectively and efficiently, air sterilization, odor control.
With advantages such as no need for input chemicals, very good deodorizing effect, easy to integrate into existing systems, and durability over time, ozone machine is more and more widely used in the whole process on the civil and industrial scale. Dr.Ozone DK20 industrial deodorizer with exclusive design, prestigious brand, … has participated in many industrial gas treatment projects and received positive feedback.
Up to the present time, the Dr.Ozone DK20 industrial ozone machine has been completely installed and put into stable operation, combined with the existing paint room dust suppression system and is effective in dust and odor treatment very well for Thai Duong Industrial JSC.

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