Deodorize the hundreds of cars’ interiors with just one ozone machine

The condition of the car’s interior with an unpleasant odor is an inevitable thing for those who use cars as the main means of transportation. The unpleasant odor levels will depend on specific agents such as comes from a potential bacterial reservoir inside the car’s air conditioning system, the habit of eating or smoking right inside the car or the car interior odor due to long-lasting leather upholstery, water-soaked carpets, spilled food, sweat, passengers’ breath, etc

Deodorize the hundreds of cars' interiors with just one Dr.Ozone machine

3ACAR Car Garage in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City owned by Mr. Nga has used the deodorant solution from Dr.Ozone machine. Hundreds of cars’ interiors are deodorized with just one Dr.Ozone Clean C ozone machine and have had positive feedback for the result. Ozone deodorize car effectively in short time.

Deodorize the hundreds of cars' interiors with just one Dr.Ozone machine

Besides other stages of car washing and maintenance, Dr.Ozone is considered a smart and deodorizing assistant worth investing in:

  • Dr.Ozone Clean C deodorant machine uses ozone deodorization technology, which is a popular, scientific technology platform with a clear operating principle. Ozone has the ability to handle odors quickly and at the root with simple steps.
  • No need to supply chemicals at the input and no filter change, no more incurred fees during use.
  • Ensure absolute safety: After the deodorization process, ozone completely decomposes into pure oxygen, helping to the air be fresher, without toxic residues.
  • Dr.Ozone Clean C deodorizer (C2, C3, C4, C5) is optimized in design, with a convenient handle, easy to move. Only with one machine can deodorize hundreds of different cars, without spending a lot of time and manpower.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an appropriate solution. Contact us today for the best car deodorizer solution, optimize cost. Our technical team who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable will always ready to listen and answer all your questions. You can contact us any time via Chat Box or:

Dr.Ozone Headquarter

Address: No.30, Truong An Industrial Cluster, An Khanh Commune, Hoai Duc Dist, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Hotline 24/7 Customer Service: (+84) 0901.856.888


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