Install a deodorizer for Goc Que restaurant

Busy and hasty life always makes people feel suffocated and uncomfortable, everyday the same ordinary dishes that are repeated day in and day out will make us extremely boring. Sometimes, people remember simple rustic dishes like the old days. Because of this demand, currently in Hanoi, there are many restaurants serving country cuisine that are frequented by many customers, but the most prominent one is still Goc Que restaurant – one of most delicious place to rest and enjoy country dishes in Hanoi.

Coming to Goc Que restaurant, you not only can eat deliciously and drink clean dishes from the past, but the space here is also extremely clean, cool, close, especially at a reasonable price!

Every day, cleaning staffs work the areas in the restaurant to ensure a clean space. Although they have been closely involved in cleaning, there are places where unwanted odors arise such as in the toilet, cooking area, the restaurant has not yet had a suitable solution, although this situation has been going on for a long time. Restaurant manager – Mr.Truong is also quite worried about this and is always looking for ways to solve it.

Customer name: Goc Que Restaurant
Address: No.19 – 183 Alley – Dang Tien Dong – Dong Da – Ha Noi
Machine: Dr Air Deodorizer and A3 Deodorizer
Quantity: 02 pcs
Requirements: Handling toilet odors and food odors in the kitchen area

Going online to find out, mr.Truong know about Dr.Ozone’s deodorant products and quite curious about this deodorant products.

Contacting and discussing with our technician when consulting the machine, Mr. Truong said that currently the smell problem in his restaurant is mainly in the toilet, the kitchen area flies to the restaurant lobby, so he needs to deal with deodorization in these areas.

Since we have installed deodorizers at many restaurants in Hanoi, it is not too difficult for Dr.Ozone consultant to advise on the type of deodorizer for Mr. Truong’s restaurant. We consulted a dedicated Dr.Air Deodorizer for the toilet, and the kitchen area of ​​nearly 35m2 uses a Dr.Air A3 deodorizer, and the area at the restaurant uses two Dr.Air A2 deodorizers.

Below are some pictures after installing the deodorizer at Goc Que restaurant:

Dr.Air Deodorizer for the toilet of Goc Que Restaurant
Dr.Air Deodorizer for the toilet of Goc Que Restaurant
The Dr.Air A3 deodorizer is installed in the kitchen of Goc Que restaurant
The Dr.Air A3 deodorizer is installed in the kitchen of Goc Que restaurant

During the installation process, our technicians guided how to use two types of machines for restaurant staff. After completely installation processing, our technique of running the machine to deodorize. According to the staff, the toilet smell was gone, and the smell in the kitchen area was clearly reduced, even Truong himself felt this.

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an appropriate odor treatment solution. Customers wishing to order or learn more about our products, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 0901856888 for free consultation and quick quotation.

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