Treat exhaust of coal incinerator system at Laos for Vang Tat Mining Company Limited

In the second half of 2021, Dr.Ozone received an offer from Vang Tat Mining Co., Ltd. who wanted to use our exhaust gas treatment services and solutions for their coal regenerate furnace and coal-fired furnace systems.

Vang Tat Mining Company Limited, formerly known as Viet-Lao Joint Stock Company Limited, is an investor and implementer of mining projects in Dak Chung district, Sekong province and Sanxay district, Attapeu province since 2009 in the form of concessionary exploration – survey – mining – processing gold ore. Currently, the company is responsible for surveying gold mines in Dak Chung district on an area of 161.8 km2 and Vang Tat Cluster, Sanxay district on an area of 219.3 km2 and economic – technical arguments for an area of 15 km2 in Dak Chung district and gold ore mining area of 3 km wide in Nhien Dac village, Sanxai district.

Dr.Ozone and Dr.Air treat exhaust of coal regeneration furnace and coal incinerator system at Laos

Vang Tat mining system is operating 3 different incinerators that include 2 coal furnaces and 1 ore burner. Toxic exhaust gases contain carbon and acids, with a large amount of black smoke and odors that need to be treated. Besides, the amount of heat generated during system operation here is relatively large.

This mining process is two-sided, along with the mining profit development are long-term harms, which partly affect the working environment and the living environment in particular and the ecological environment in general.

Dr.Ozone treat exhaust of coal regeneration furnace and coal incinerator system at Laos

The system treat exhaust of coal incinerator system at Laos that we propose to use in this project include:

At present, the whole system has been completely installed and put into stable operation. After the project was completed, we have now received many positive feedbacks from customers.

We currently are the top environmental treatment unit in terms of product and service quality as well as project construction progress, warranty and maintenance regime. Not only provide smoke and odor treatment equipment for a series of kitchens and commercial restaurants, but we are also a supplier and construction unit for many projects of large and famous corporations such as VinGroup, Sun Group, DaoGroup (Laos), Fuji Consulting Japan, etc.
Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, we will provide an appropriate solution. If you to learn more about the products and services, please contact us via Chat Box or below for detailed advice, a reasonable solution and the fastest quote:

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