Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen concentrator, 3L/min capacity oxygen generator


  • Model: Dr.Oxy 3LB
  • Oxygen capacity: 3l/min
  • Purity level: ≥ 90%
  • Air pressure: 0.05MPA
  • Voltage: 220V/AC/300W


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Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen concentrator has a standard capacity of 0 – 3l/min that is adjusted via a device adjust oxygen flow. The Oxygen generator is manufactured based on the Oxygen separating and filtering technology (enrich Oxygen) from the air through zeolite particles – a current popular method used in industry and medicine.

Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen concentrator, 3L/min capacity oxygen generator

Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen concentrator product features:  

  • The oxygen concentrator is committed to over 90%. High oxygen concentration means a low amount of impurities. In cool and humid conditions, the concentration remains above 91% and its oxygen decline is low.
  • Allows adjusting the flowmeter from 0 – 3 liters/min with the highest purity concentration of 91.1% at room temperature, humidity less than 80 and temperature 37oC
  • Heavy-duty, locking, 360-degree rotation wheels that support moving the oxygen machine easily.
  • Simple control panel with power indicator light, operation light and on/off button. Adjust the output air flow up or down by turning the knob on the air flow measurement device.
  • The shiny stainless inox case gives the solid feel of a leading industrial machine manufactured. It’s good both in aesthetic terms and quality.
  • The filter unit longevity is 10,000h, easy to replace.

Practical application of Dr.Oxy 3LB machine

The oxygen concentrator is widely used in medicine that provides oxygen to support patients. Besides, the industrial applications of oxygen machines are also quite popular including supplementing oxygen in aquaculture, oxygen in mechanical welding or oxygen in fresh air supply applications for factories, offices …

Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen concentrator, 3L/min capacity oxygen generator

Application of oxygen concentrator in aquaculture

Oxygen is an indispensable ingredient to help livestock grow. However, too high or too low oxygen levels affect the growth process, even causing toxicity to livestock. In fact, different species will require different oxygen levels, but 100% of aquatic species will live and develop normally at a threshold oxygen concentration of 5mg/l.

Many factors affect the lack of dissolved oxygen in water, including the DO concentration (0.3 – 2mg/l), ambient temperature (For example, warm water 32oC can hold 7.4mg/l oxygen, while a temperature of 7oC can contain 11.9mg/l oxygen). Therefore, the use of the industrial oxygen generator to supplement the necessary oxygen concentration in aquaculture is necessary & worth the investment.

Can you use Dr.Oxy 3LB industrial oxygen machine for shrimp ponds?

Yes, you can. The Dr.Oxy 3LB machine has been widely used in small and medium-sized shrimp ponds. It provides dissolved oxygen in water, helping shrimp grow as well as prevent many diseases. For larger shrimp ponds, you will need to use a Dr.Oxy 5LB or Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen generator to provide enough oxygen for shrimp.


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