Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen concentrator, 10L/min capacity oxygen generator


  • Voltage: 220VAC
  • Power: 960W
  • Oxygen concentration: ≥90%
  • Oxygen flow: 10L/min
  • Oxygen pressure: 50KPA
  • Weight: 55 kg


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Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen concentrator has an adjusted oxygen capacity from 0 – 10L/min with a purity level of 90% ± 3.

The machine oxygen generation uses technology to absorb nitrogen in the air to enrich oxygen. The system consists of an oil-free compressor, a condenser system, an absorption tower, and a pressure-reducing valve system.

Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen concentrator product features: 

  • Has a simple design, the control panel is beveled about 60 degrees, above it is placed an on-off switch, a power indicator light, and an oxygen flow knob.
  • Uses a stainless-steel case, 1.6mm thick powder coating
  • Includes two oil-free air compressors, integrated with steam filter separation technology that effectively removes moisture and ensures absolutely guarantee the purity of the output oxygen.
  • The internal parts of the machine are mostly made of metal, anti-rust stainless steel. The connection wire uses heat-resistant wire materials, specialized in the machine manufacturing industry.

Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen generator used in the field of food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, ozone sterilization, popularly used as oxygen pump for aquarium, oxygen generator for shrimp farming.


Advantages of Dr.Oxy oxygen generator

  • Includes a high-quality oil-free air compressor, has more than 20,000 hours of longevity, ensures stable machine operation.
  • The self-radiator condenser system uses copper material, ensuring oxygen can move inside with the ambient temperature that completely eliminates chemical reactions caused by temperature.
  • Using lower air intake technology to remove moisture in the air protects the molecular absorption system.
  • Fully imported industrial control microchip kit resistant to most industrial interference sources, radio frequency interference, increases machine operating range even in harsh environments.

Dr.Oxy 10L industrial oxygen concentrator, 10L/min capacity oxygen generator


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