Dr.Oxy 20L industrial oxygen concentrator, 20L/min capacity oxygen generator

  • Model: Dr.Oxy 20L
  • Air flow: 20l/min
  • Pressure: 0.05mpa
  • Oxygen Concentration: 90
  • Oxygen fogging point: -40
  • Voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Power: 1500
  • Number of air compressors: 3
  • Number of air molecules filter columns: 2
  • Number of air valves: 3
  • Storage parts: 1
  • Dimensions: 800 x 400 x 1200mm
  • Air outlet: 8
  • Weight: 100kg


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Dr.Oxy  20L industrial oxygen concentrator is designed in a rectangular box with a 1.6 mm thickness steel outer shell, electrostatically painted to prevent rust. The machine integrates an air drying unit, separating impurities and nitrogen in the air to ensure the best quality of finished oxygen, reaching purity & oxygen concentration above 90%.

Dr.Oxy 20L industrial oxygen concentrator, 20L/min capacity oxygen generator

Dr.Oxy 20L industrial oxygen concentrator product features: 

  • Integrated temperature control technology, giving a signal to turn off the entire system when the operation of the oxygen machine reaches the allowable threshold & restores the machine operation.
  • Integrated with an air condenser radiator, an air-drying separator ensures the output oxygen quality reaches the purity level standard of over 90%.
  • Operates quietly and stably, the noise is always limited to the permissible level of 50 – 60 dB.
  • The control board uses a completely imported industrial 32-bit MCU chip, allowing operate continuously, perform a variety of tasks, and achieve the highest processing efficiency
  • Having the good anti-interference ability, controllable at a long distance & over the wide-area operation.
  • Using electric wire type of connected the circuit board, the control automat is heat-resistant, durable, commonly used in industrial machine manufacturing.

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