Disinfection cabinet for parcels

After using a Dr.Clean 130W UV & Ozone disinfection cabinet and a 100W UV lamp from Dr.Ozone, Mr.Do currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City to evaluate products effective and good quality, so he actively contacted us to order more one Dr.Clean UV & Ozone 130W disinfection cabinet and one Dr.Ozone Luxury 120SK sterilization cabinet.

Customer name: Mr.Do
Address: 8th Street, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Products: 01 Dr.Clean 130W UV & Ozone Sterilization Cabinet + 01 Dr.Ozone Luxury 120SK High-class Sterilization Drying Cabinet (304 Inox)
Requirements: Disinfecting and sterilizating parcels sent and received

It is known that the features of Mr. Do’s company is retailing electrical and plumbing components and inox tools, so the use of disinfection machine for them is extremely necessary, especially when Ho Chi Minh City has just passed pandemic pandemic and is gradually recovering. As soon as the transportation of goods in the southern region became more stable, Dr.Ozone quickly delivered and provided cabinets to customer.

Dryer disinfection cabinet for parcels

Dryer disinfection cabinet for parcels

Dr.Ozone – Specializes in consulting and designing high quality disinfection cabinet on customer request
Dr.Ozone receives cabinet design according to the required size by customers. With different uses and needs, we will flexibly design the appropriate cabinets at the most affordable cost.

Customers wishing to order or learn more about our products, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 090.185.6888 for free consultation and quick quotation.

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