Deodorize and Disinfect Canteen 2000m2 With Dr.Air DK20

VNG Joint Stock Company has many headquarters across Vietnam, of which the head office is located at Street 13, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. On a large scale, VNG always focuses on the human factor, the most specific and obvious manifestation is to equip the system of collective canteens up to 2000m2, with full, luxurious tables and chairs, open space. Most recently, VNG has invested in 03 ozone deodorizers from Dr.Air brand – HSVN Global supplier to clean the dining and resting spaces of all employees.

Customer information

  • Customer Name: Ms. Vy
  • Address: VNG Joint Stock Company, Lot Z06, Street 13, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Product: DK20 industrial ozone deodorizer
  • Quantity: 03 machines

Deodorize and Disinfect Canteen 2000m2 With 03 DK20 Machine

Introduction of VNG Joint Stock Company

VNG is known as one of the leading companies in the internet field in Vietnam, currently dominating the market with more than 20 popular entertainment products, community links and software that were loved, namely: zalo mobile application developed by VNG has attracted more than 40 million users. VNG currently has nearly 2,000 employees, always ranked No. 1 in digital content in Vietnam in recent years.

Why does VNG choose DK20 industrial ozone deodorizer?

DK20 is an industrial deodorizer with an exclusive design from Dr.Air brand of HSVN Global – the leading unit in the production and distribution of ozone-based cleaning equipment in Vietnam. The machine is specialized for deodorizing large spaces and many areas thanks to its large capacity centrifugal fan combined with phi 60 outlet, especially suitable for the scale of VNG canteen with an area up to up to 2000m2.

VNG choose DK20 industrial ozone deodorizer

Using ozone technology in deodorant is no longer a strange solution. With strong oxygen capacity, ozone produced from the machine will quickly penetrate and break down the structure of odor particles (including the smell of grease, food, drink, human body odor due to the crowded number of employees focus on eating and resting in the same time frame). Instead of temporarily dealing with unpleasant odors by solutions such as using aerosols, aromatic oils, etc., ozone can be completely and thoroughly removed in a short time, the smell goes away and does not return.

In addition, ozone ensures a level of safety during using process thanks to its unstable structure. After the deodorization phase, ozone quickly decays and regenerates into pure oxygen, making it breathable and leaving no harmful chemical residues.

Procedure for installation and test run

After the order was confirmed, we sent two technicians to VNG’s cafeteria to conduct a field survey, observe the system piping and existing structure to provide a convenient installation and the safest.

The machine is firmly installed on the wall, overhead area, does not take up space and does not affect the existing structure of the canteen. With the support of ladders, concrete drilling equipment and a number of other items, our technicians completed the entire installation and commissioning process quickly.

installation and test run DK20 Machine

The machine easily adjusts the ozone concentration through the adjustment knob displayed on the front panel, in addition to a set timer for detailed time. Depending on the needs of users at different times, users can change the output level or timer as desired, extremely convenient.

We thank VNG Joint Stock Company for choosing us to be the supplier of industrial ozone deodorizing equipment. With goodwill in this cooperation, we hope to continue to receive your support for our company in the future.

Customers who have needs, please contact via Chat Box or 24/7 Hotline 090.185.6888, we commit to bringing the genuine and best current products on the market.

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