Charm hotel deodorizes and disinfects room with ozone

Located in O Cho Dua, Dong Da, Hanoi, Charm Hotel impresses customers with its luxurious and romantic space, which is considered one of the ideal resting spots for couples and tourists.

Along with the trendy and modern design, Charm hotel is appreciated to have relatively good service. In order to improve service quality, recently, Ms. Hang – Hotel Manager contacted us to learn more about some deodorizing solutions quickly, effectively and at a reasonable cost.

Customer name: Ms. Hang – Charm Hotel
Address: No. 9, Alley 18, Vu Thanh, O Cho Dua Hao Nam, Hanoi, Vietnam
Product: Dr.Ozone Clean C3 Air Purifier Deodorizer
Quantity: 01 machine
Requirements: Deodorize and disinfect the hotel rooms

Charm hotel deodorizes and disinfects the room with ozone

Covid pandemic makes Hotels pay more attention to deodorizing and disinfecting their rooms

It can be said that during the time when the pandemic was still complicated, traveling to destinations such as restaurants and hotels became sensitive and dangeruos, making many customers feel bewildered.

So, finding solutions to eliminate odor and sterilizate hotel room effect required. Known as a strong oxidizing agent – with the first records of being able to defeat corona virus from thorough studies, ozone has become a disinfection solution that is studied and uses by many units and individuals to reduce the risk of causing disease outbreak.

Effective hotel deodorizer from Dr.Ozone brand

Like hundreds of different large and small hotels across the country, Charm Hotel has trusted in choosing a deodorizer from our brand – Dr.Ozone Clean C – an effective assistant for hotel rooms cleaning staff.

Dr.Ozone Clean C has outstanding features such as:

  • Ozone technology integrates modern deodorization and sterilization capabilities
  • Affordable price, long-term economic efficiency, high durability andquality equipment.
  • No need to supply input chemicals, no surcharges
  • Has a convenient handle, easy to move to many different space locations
  • The entire process of deodorizing and disinfecting the room can be performed with only one cleaner employee

Based on the actual needs of every project and treatment system, Dr.Ozone will provide an air purify solution appropriate for you. Customers wishing to order or learn more about our products, please contact us via Chat Box or hotline (+84) 0901856888 for free consultation and quick quotation.

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