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When moving closer to the garbage rooms, garbage dumps and you will feel the unpleasant smell, even making you feel short of breath. Even the appearance of a small garbage bag in the house, after 2 days of not being treated, also degrades the quality of the atmosphere. Therefore, if large garbage amounts from a building, a residential area that is not being treated, the smell of garbage cause discomfort, adversely affect the health of the living environment is the inevitable consequence.

Ozone generator for garbage odor removal

Dr.Ozone DK20 industrial deodorizer Ozone machine

Dr.Ozone DK20 Industrial Deodorizer Ozone Machine, Max Processing Up to 6,000 m3/h

Dr.Ozone Industrial Ozone Machine 5000mg/h

Dr.Ozone D5 Industrial Ozone Machine 5000mg/h Capacity Ozone Generator

Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer
Dr.Ozone Clean C2  Air Purifier Deodorizer

How does the smell affect the garbage room on human health?

Odor occurs when molecules of a particular substance enter the nose. These odor molecules come into contact with a tissue in the nose, which contains receptor cells that send signals to the brain.

Substances that create odor usually do not contain bacterias; therefore, they are usually not harmful to health. However, some gaseous compounds can have other health effects such as make hard to breathe, headaches, and eye irritation. Different compounds have different effects on human health.

What solution is to treat the garbage room odor thoroughly?

Ozone can effectively treat garbage room odors when they have strong redox properties and easily break down the chemical structure of odor-causing molecules to create new, safer and more friendly ingredients. Some chemical reactions of ozone with gases generated in waste include:

Acetic acid reacts with ozone:

3CH3COOH + 4O3 → 6CO2 + 6H2O

Ammonia reacts with ozone:

6NH3 + 5O3 → 6NO + 9H2O

Can see that the products produced after the reaction with ozone are all more friendly to humans and the environment. Therefore, in addition to raising the awareness of garbage classification, applying scientific collection and treatment processes, the use of ozone to treat the odor of the garbage room is necessary.

Model of the garbage room odor treatment system with ozone

the garbage room odor treatment system with ozone

The garbage odor treatment system includes an ozone pipeline system, exhaust valve & ozone blower machine with a capacity of 4000m3/h, which can be operated on demand (turned on when needed) or installed an odor treatment system follow real-time (For example, set the deodorizer to run at night or a fixed time of day) or run by recirculated time.

Advantages of using ozone technology to treat garbage room odors

  • Easily integrates into any system of waste collection, garbage disposal, or directly treat in the building’s waste rooms.
  • No chemicals are used, no essential oils are used to create fragrances to deodorize, so reducing operating costs.
  • Ozone automatic deodorization technology is easy to integrate, install or operate.
  • Multi-function technology in addition to deodorizing, the system also has the effect of bactericidal, killing mold, viruses & pathogens.
  • Prevent the viruses & pathogens development. Regenerate oxygen, creating a sense of ventilation for the garbage area.

Choosing an industrial ozone machine to treat garbage room odors

  • Industrial ozone generators use Teflon conduction to lead ozone gas throughout the room or areas to be treated, integrated into the garbage pipe or garbage ladder.
  • Using Dr.Ozone DK ozone blower machine & using a normal air duct to lead ozone
  • Using an ozone deodorizer machine like Dr.Air A, hang it on the wall in the garbage area to treat, you can use Dr.Ozone Clean C.

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