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Ejector is a specialized accessory that comes with medium and large capacity industrial ozone machines (Ozone machines with ozone capacity from 15g O3/h or more)

Ejector phi 34 has a one-way valve that mixes ozone gas into the water pipe, creates a vortex force to help the water mix with ozone, and prevents the backflow of water into the Ozone machine.

Model Pipe diameter ( mm ) Pipe length ( mm ) Water flow
Ejector 1/4 inch Ф14 0.05 – 0.25 m3/h
Ejector 3/4 inch Ф27 210 mm 1 – 3 m3/h
Ejector 1 inch Ф34 230 mm 3 – 10 m3/h
Ejector 1.5 inch Ф48 275 mm 10 – 25 m3/h
Ejector 2 inch Ф60 295 mm 25 – 50 m3/h

The ozone gas source is pumped directly into the water stream through a one-way air valve. Due to the structure of the pipe (pipe cross-section changes), the water flow pulls the air source stream and is expanded and accelerated when it reaches the pipe part has the large section, tear-off the air bubbles. The gas source easily dispersed in water creates the condition for rapid ozone dissolution, so the way for ozone diffusion is shortened compared to the air bubble method.


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