Dr.Ozone BTO 10G – 70G water-cooled industrial ozone generator


  • Model: BTO-10G, BTO-20G, BTO-30G, BTO-50G, BTO-70G
  • Ozone capacity: 10g/h – 70g/h
  • Voltage: AC220V / 0.68A
  • Power: 150W – 770W
  • High voltage: 3600V


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The ozone generator unit is the main part of the ozone machine, performing the role of ozone generation. Therefore, the amount of produced ozone depends mainly on the ozone generator unit.

BTO 10-70 g/h Ozone generator is a new line of equipment, they ensure sufficient ozone production and at the same time are integrated with steam cooling, thereby extending the product longevity.

Diagram of dr.ozone water-cooled industrial ozone generator

Specifications of Dr.Ozone BTO 10G – 70G industrial ozone generator

Model BTO-10G BTO-20G BTO-30G BTO-50G BTO-70G
Ozone capacity 10g/h 20g/h 30g/h 50g/h 70g/h
Voltage AC220V/0.68A AC220V/1.36A AC220V/2.2A AC220V/3.1A AC220V/3.5A
Power 150W 300W 500W 682W 770W
High voltage 3600V 3600V 3600V 3600V 3600V
Ozone Flow 1-3 L/Ph 1-7.5 L/Ph 1-10 L/Ph 1-15 L/Ph 1-20 L/Ph
Concentration 55-96 mg/L 57-120 mg/L 63-116 mg/L 60-110 mg/L 58-150 mg/L
Cooling Water Flow 2L/Ph 3L/Ph 5L/Ph 6L/Ph 6L/Ph
Weight 3.1Kg 3.7Kg 4.5Kg 5.6Kg 6.5Kg
Launch tube dimension (mm) 270 X 105 X 110 305 X 105 X 11 405 X 105 X 110 595 X 105 X 110 665 X 105 X 110

Dr.Ozone BTO 10G - 70G water-cooled industrial ozone generator


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