Domestic wastewater treatment system & solution

Domestic wastewater treatment systems are usually built to treat wastewater from daily-life activities, sanitation, cooking wastewater, restaurants, kitchens of families & people in apartment buildings, new urban areas, wastewater from factories and workshops to ensure a clean environment and meet state standards – National technical regulation on domestic wastewater.

Each process system will be designed specifically for each different project because the treatment technology used will depend on the treatment flow, the quality of the water to be treated & the treatment requirements.

Requirements & criteria to choose suitable technological solutions for domestic wastewater treatment

  • Design the wastewater treatment system based on the requirements of the customer & the project on the quality of the treated wastewater meeting the state standards.
  • Applied technology, technology platform, cost-optimized equipment and machinery, reduced operating costs, easy to maintain and repair, and can be easily upgraded.
  • The designed system is located in the distribution area and suitable for the project’s planning, ensuring aesthetics.
  • The system does not generate odor, has low noise during processing.
    Based on actual wastewater parameters and norms when surveying, testing and assessing environmental impacts as a basis.
  • Analysis and assessment of the origin, wastewater characteristics, ground conditions.
  • Based on the receiving source of water after treatment, the standard of stability and flexibility of the system is established, ensuring that it does not affect the receiving source in the area.

The technology platform often used for domestic wastewater treatment

The two wastewater treatment processes used in domestic wastewater treatment systems are the mechanical process and the biological process.
For mechanical treatment, its essence is a pretreatment process to remove insoluble, suspended, and large particles from wastewater. This process also has the effect of regulating the flow, creating favorable conditions for the Physico-chemical processes of biology. Meanwhile, the biological treatment process is an effective method to remove organic matter in water by microorganisms. The advantage of this process is that it is safe, cheap, can convert BOD, does not cause secondary pollution, can recover gas if necessary.

One of the commonly applied technologies for domestic wastewater treatment is AO technology, it is called a continuous treatment process, combining two anoxic micro-organisms (Anoxic tank) and aerobic (Aerotank tank) to remove Nitrogen, Phosphorus, COD, BOD to allowable threshold values. In addition, we often apply an advanced oxidation process in the wastewater treatment system for the final stage to kill bacteria & sterilize, improve the water color before being released into the environment.

Advantages of our domestic wastewater treatment system

  • Low operating costs due to system optimization & use of fewer chemicals.
  • The treatment system thoroughly removes COD, BOD, N, P; meets the most stringent requirements & ensures national standards on domestic wastewater.
  • The system can be relocated according to the new plan or the factory is relocated.
  • Compatible with small or large wastewater treatment scale, easy to upgrade the system, increase capacity, increase scale, add suitable treatment module.
  • Save for space, construction cost & easy to operate.
  • Receive technical support & lifetime support consulting.

Domestic wastewater treatment system & solution - Dr.Ozone® - Ozone generator for Vietnam/ India/ Indonesia/ Malaysia/ Singapore ...

Simulation of the domestic wastewater treatment system & solution with a capacity of 3000m3/day and night

The above simulation diagram is a domestic wastewater treatment project with a treatment capacity of 3000m3 day and night installed in Quang Ninh (Vietnam) to treat domestic wastewater in an apartment building up to column A standards (QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT) at the request of the previous investor when discharged it into the environment.

Wastewater is collected & pre-treated to remove the garbage, large-sized waste, regulate the flow by garbage mesh gabion, collection tank, equalization tank.
In this system, we use two main technologies: biological treatment with microorganisms and advanced oxidation disinfection technology to remove pathogenic bacteria such as E.Coli, Coliform, .. before discharging wastewater to the receiving source.

Anoxic tank for anoxic biological treatment: Filtration separation & destruction of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds by anoxic microorganisms through nitrification & phosphoric processes.

Aerotank tank for aerobic biological treatment: Decompose organic compounds in wastewater by aerobic microorganisms, the treatment efficiency reaches 90% of the total amount of BOD present in wastewater.

Biological settling tanks: Based on the settling gravity process of activated sludge flocs and drag solids in the water.

Advanced oxidation tank: Using an industrial ozone generator combined with H2O2 to participate in the advanced oxidation process, completely removing bacteria, viruses, pathogens in water, treating residual COD, BOD, ensure pollution norms according to national standards.

Pressure filter tank: This process uses activated carbon to absorb heavy metals and some pollutants present in wastewater. After each filter cycle, the dirt trapped in the tub is washed away by the backwashing method.

The filtration & biological treatment processes for domestic wastewater are measured to meet column A standards according to QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT. Part of the sludge generated in the biological settling tank is partly used to pump back the anoxic tank, and the remainder is transferred to the sludge storage tank for treatment.

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