Tongdy Ozone Detector

  • Model: Tongdy
  • Continuous ozone sensor over time.
  • LCD display shows temperature, humidity & ozone concentration
  • Voltage: 24VAC/VDC
  • Measuring range: 10 – 500ppb (0.01 – 0.5ppm)
  • Display unit: 1ppb
  • Error : +/- 10ppb
  • Measuring temperature range: 5 – 50oC (41 – 122oF)
  • Humidity : 0 – 80%
  • Weight: 260g
  • Dimensions: 120x90x24mm


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The ozone detector measures the concentration of ozone in the air using NTC semiconductor sensor that has high sensitivity with Ozone gas, with a measuring range from 10 – 500ppb (0.01 – 0.5ppm), allowing a suitable Ozone threshold setting on the electronic control panel. Real-time meter operation mode helps the device measure ozone concentration in the air continuously.

Ozone Detector

When the ozone concentration reaches the threshold set by the user, the detector gives a signal and switches off the ozone machine operation through the switching relay. This is one of the most prominent points of the Dr.Ozone meter product compared to other meters on the market (Other ozone meters that want to set the threshold must order before 1 month and they do not have automatic interrupt relays, only have color warning, client interrupt by hand when there is warning signal).


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